Sunday 4 January 2015

Dora Akunyili's Letter To Buhari When She Returned PTF Money In 1999


This is seemly going spiral on various websites and twitters as well as radio stations within the country and I am pulsed for a while but couldn’t help but to publish it based on the kind of characters that are required by true Leadership in this country.

It is a letter from Late Mrs Dora Akunliyi to Buhari when was still working as the Zonal Secretary (South-East) of Petroleum Trust Fund of which Buhari was the head of the trust. She sent a letter to Buhari thanking him for the financial support of £17,100 approved by him for her medical treatment.

In the letter Dora stated that she did not used the entire approved fund as she is returning some of £12,000 back to PTF as this was not required for her treatment.
Marvel by Buhari’s reply on the letter:

See the reply below:

“See that there are still Nigerians with personal integrity. Please take action in line with PTF Financial regulations”

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