Tuesday 7 February 2012


Like the proverbial saying of my people ‘twenty kids cannot play and stay together for twenty years’, definitely certain occurrences will take place that will lead to the departure of one or two of them if not all. Usually, it is mainly all about the pursuit of dreams and trying to survive the turbulence of the world that in most cases lead to them moving and drifting apart until they eventually get separated. To me the Boys II Men song of it so hard to say goodbye to yesterday was just a mere song until I witnessed the reality embedded in it. This occurred to me when one of the most resourceful hands of the IT Department of a global bank in Africa was set to pursuit another dream that is totally different from banking. I find it so difficult and unbelievable that the guy who is so unique in all ramifications especially in the area of core application of the Bank will no longer be around with his team to do what he knows how to do better: resolving and providing solutions to technical related issues. 

Just like an injection administered into the body and moving through the spine, the feeling of him leaving was so psychologically and I felt it so deeply within me while envisaging what it could be like when he is no longer part of the team he adores so dearly. His colleagues who cherish every moment he spent with them organized a get together for him at Kings Place to wish me well in his next journey of life, discovery and success. Likewise, several parting words and words of encourages were dished out to him before they all parted with heavy hearts.

This is the final remark of the humble Joshua Adeleke:
Great guys,
I want to thank you all for making tonight a memorable one for me. I really appreciate it and will always cherish it. I love you all and will MISS you all to say the least. God bless you.

The Music of the day:
Signature: D’Prince


  1. i will miss u dear, wish u God protection and favour anywhere u are.

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