Wednesday 29 February 2012



If Nigeria as a nation fails to curb the level of corruption dwelling among her highly placed and privilege citizens (who are at the corridors of power and managerial positions), then the foreign countries will assist to do this on her behalf. This is a continuation of our vampire diary series regarding those that are walloping and gulping wealthy through their offices.

He was just an ordinary man with ordinary beginning but turned out to become man with no mercy for his nation due to his egocentric nature of quest for wealth and its accumulation at the detriment of others. He was a man bestowed upon with the opportunity to lead his people instead he enriched his pocket and wasted the resources of his people making them more vulnerable to poverty, sickness and hopelessness.

Some few years ago he was a cashier with about £5,000-a-year job remuneration package, working with Wickes store in UK before he abruptly became one of the most affluent politicians and governors in the country. James Ibori, the king spender, had fleet of luxury cars such as armoured Range Rovers costing £600,000, a £120,000 Bentley Continental, Mercedes Maybach for more than £300,000 to name the least. He also bought houses at home and abroad. This particular wealth sucking vampire, not only has taste for expensive cars but magnificent properties (houses) in London (one of the houses is located in Hampstead while another one is  located close to Abbey Road recording studios), Dorset, South Africa (worth £3.2million) and other real estate in Nigeria.

Thursday 23 February 2012


An Igbosere Magistrates’ Court, Lagos, on Thursday sentenced a 74-year-old Ghanaian, Keinde Dodo, to five years imprisonment for pretending to be a lawyer and representing litigants in courts in Nigeria for 15 years.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Magistrate O.O. Martins did not give Dodo an option of fine but sentenced him to jail with hard labour.
Martins held that the Ghanaian pleaded guilty to the five-count charge on arraignment, and that evidence before the court showed that he committed the crimes.

“The accused is hereby sentenced to one year imprisonment on each count with hard labour and without option of fine,” she said.
The sentences are, however, to run concurrently.
The septuagenarian pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy, forgery, stealing, escape from lawful custody and falsely representing litigants, on February 10.

“My mother is from Ilesha in Osun State and my father is a Ghanaian. I have been impersonating as a lawyer and representing people in courts for the past 15 years,” Dodo had told the court.
During Thursday’s proceedings, the prosecutor, ASP Goddy Emenogor, Dodo was arrested following a complaint by one Mr Daniel Onwu that the fake lawyer defrauded him of N1 million.


This week is bursting with news from Kim Kardashian superstar, but the most interesting news was the date between Kim and her ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush. Perhaps, Kim tries to have fun and get some rest from the divorce? Reggie Bush has appeared to be an excellent way for this purpose.
As the site TMZ says, the former couple was spotted having dinner at Beverly Hills. Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush was sitting at the outdoor patio area for more than two hours, sharing jokes and flirting with each other, and their meeting began with a a friendly kiss. The pair wasn’t trying to hide and even gave autographs to all their fans, demonstrating their excellent relationships as they were some time ago.
In spite of the fact that Reggie Bush has recently answered the questions on the renewal of relations with Kim Kardashian negatively, the fans don’t cease to believe that the pair will renew the relations stopped in 2009. It can be everything, especially as the relatives assure that Reggie and Kim love each other till now as before. Anyway, there is no better way for checking the rumors and conjectures than expectation.


Wednesday 22 February 2012


If you belittle yourself and your dream, you will have yourself to blame because any dream can become reality as long as you can conceive it, hold on to it and believe in yourself.

He is the Koko master, he is an entertainer, he is Nigeria’s heavyweight act, he is Dapo and he is D’banj the sensational. D’Banj as he is popularly called started his career with the 419 crew in London with undefined roles but later left the group for self discovery and to actualize his own dream. Thereafter, he clinched to his adored producer Don Jayz in a relationship that not only transformed the life of the duo but also the African entertainment industry.

As part of his new business relationship with the renowned Kanye West, the New York concert at Irving plaza was organized for D’Banj in order to induct and introduce him properly to the United State audience. Although D’Banj has played on certain occasions across America but this concert was extremely high as compared to his previous low profile concerts.
If you have the opportunity to see D’Banj on stage in any concert, you will admit that paying to see him perform live on stage is never a waste but a complete satisfaction of what you’ve paid for.

Friday 17 February 2012


This is something I must share with my readers regarding a friend on my facebook, who after staying single for couple of years finally found happiness with her new hubby.
She is someone I respected for being a prodigy in journalism. Someone I have on few occasions privilege from her wealth of experience in journalism.
She is always up to date with information within and outside London as ''London-based'' journalist. She is naturally gifted in journalism and bestow respect on people who have nurtured her through the various stages of her career as a journalist. Like the saying of the elders: if a child knows how to wash his/her arms (behave well) he/she will certainly dine with the elders. Yetunde is not only enjoying shared knowledge from the elders, she has also had the opportunities to work with the best hands in the industry. She sleeps and drinks journalism in ways one cannot imagine. She is the brain behind the Diamond Special Recognition Award.

Thursday 16 February 2012


Who will care for our tomorrow?
As the nation is trying to cope with uprising of incessant menace of the Boko Haram terrorist group that is shredding the nation into pieces, unrest and collapse the issue of economy crisis (in term of standard of living) is also catching up with Nigeria. According the National Bureau Of Statistics report, there is an increase in the level of poverty within the nation. The Bureau reported that 60.9% of Nigerians in 2010 were living in "absolute poverty" - this figure had risen from 54.7% in 2004.

Despite being the largest producer of oil in Africa and the 8th in the world, about 100 Million Nigerians are living in abject poverty with less than a $1 (£0.63) per day while some selected few live affluently based on large corruption that is gulping the wealth of this nation, thereby making the poverty level becoming unbearable and Bubonic plague.

Tuesday 14 February 2012


It was more than a golden moment for the Briton who stole away the show of the day at the just concluded 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards. Adele was just more than a superstar on that day but a six time Grammy winner for the most sought after part of the overall awards. She was able to beat her other contestants to clinch the best album of the year, record of the year, pop vocal album of the year, best pop solo performance of the year, best short-form music video of the year and most of all the Song of the year.
What a night for Adele who ties with Beyoncé for the most awards won by a female artist in one night.

This year Grammy was one of a kind as the pass away of Whitney Houston coincides with the award bringing about some emotional and collective mood to all the attendees for the loss of this one time 6 Grammy award winner. To honor her, Jennifer Hudson performed an acapella version of Whitney Houston’s Record Of The Year-winning “I Will Always Love You.”

Brief fact of this year Grammy:

Monday 13 February 2012


                                                                                               One of the world biggest tabloids is undergoing a scandal that is not only rocking the top executives of this newspaper but also affecting the tabloid itself. According to available information about five top rank journalists of the News Corp owner of the Sun have been arrested for bribing public officials.

According to Murdoch: "today we are facing our greatest challenge" following the arrests of five of its staff, which was "difficult for everyone on The Sun and particularly for those of you who work closely with those involved". However, we are committed to continue to own and publish The Sun newspaper.

Although the extent of this allegation is just unveiling and we are yet to know the exact level of its impacts, should in case Sun’s staff are found guilty.

Will Sun Newspaper be able to pull through?

Sunday 12 February 2012



Unlike Nigeria, which normally honours her heroes after death, South Africa honours her no1 hero Nelson Mandela while still alive with his image on the country's bank notes. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, the son of Chief Henry Mandela of Tembu Tribe was born on 18th of July 1918 in Transkei. As a statesman, anti-apartheid activist and the first democratically elected president of South Africa, he will be honoured with his image bearing on the notes in denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 rand.

The announcement regarding this honor came on Saturday when marking the anniversary of Mandela’s release from prison in 1990. The Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan (who was also a member of African National Congress during the struggle for freedom) said this was to institutionalize this memory for many generations to come.  

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Here I Say Goodbye To You 4Ever
From a glittering beginning to an end filled with stories of drug abuse, alcohol and divorce, the exceptional, legendary and 6 times Grammy award winner Whitney Houston died @ the age of 48. Before her departure she was preparing for pre-grammy party at the Beverly Hilton in California. She was found laying almost dead in her hotel and all means to rescue her by the police before she finally gave up ghost was fruitless as she didn’t respond to CPR.

The cause of her death is yet to be confirmed. According to TMZ, Dionne Warwick (her cousin) and Cissy Houston (her mother) spoke with Houston 25-30 minutes before she died "and nothing seemed unusual." They talked about attending the Clive Davis pre-Grammy party at the same hotel, which was briefly rumoured to be cancelled but is apparently going on as planned, even though Houston was supposed to open the party.
Dionne "is an absolute mess" and Cissy is "hysterical," sources said.
Coming soon: An Exclusive on Whitney and Her Achievement.

Saturday 11 February 2012


I just had to leave the venue (Swe Bar) for the launching of Jimmy’s branded face cap and the premiere of a new song titled Komije (featuring Sauce Kid and others) so as to make this fresh before Linda Ikeji (who was still at the venue when I left) blogs this. It was not just the usual Thank God is Friday (TGF) at Swe Bar, but a gathering of glitz and glamour of people that matters in the entertainment world in Nigeria. Jimmy Jatt (sorry, Uncle Jimmy, who is probably big bros for the guys in the Nigeria entertainment industry) just added another feather to his crown as Africa King of DJ with his new fashion line. Jimmy who is presently the no1 DJ in Africa, is good at what he does...jamming and slamming music for people to dance and party.
One thing I discovered about life is that ‘you should not give up your dream until it becomes a reality irrespective of what people think about it’. Jimmy Amu, popularly known as Jimmy Jatt, was born and bred in Lagos Island where he started the display of his talent for rap before ending up as Disc Jockey. 

Welcome to Linda Ikeji's Blog: Don Jazzy Statement – Re: Anti-Rap Accusation

Welcome to Linda Ikeji's Blog: Don Jazzy Statement – Re: Anti-Rap Accusation

Friday 10 February 2012


If you think Nigerians don't know their right, wait till you read this bewildered but true story of a mother that cares. The Nigerian in question is Fausat Ogunbayo who is suing the city of West Brighton (a neighborhood of New York City, Richmond County) sum of $900 trillion for placing her two children in foster care. The amount is highly outrageous as the annual gross national income of United State is just over $14 trillion. Now you know why this story is like that of fiction and fairytale. According to Yahoo news, , if Ogunbayo is awarded $900 trillion she would has enough disposable income to pay off the U.S. national debt several dozen times over.

According to the plaintiff, she believe the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) and the city of West Brighton violated her and her children's civil liberties by placing them in foster care in June, 2008. Although she is yet to be responded to, however, the City believes she mentally frenzy and incapable to take care of her two teenage boys.

The New York City Law Department released a statement to ABC News, which said, “We are unable to comment on pending litigation. The amount a plaintiff requests in a lawsuit has no bearing on whether the case has any merit and no relation to actual damages if any.’’

However, the state Appellate Division recently threw out a family court finding that Ogunbayo was guilty of neglecting her children.
"Proof of mental illness alone will not support a finding of neglect," the court ruled, according to

Ogunbayo is representing herself in the case.

yahoo news
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Thursday 9 February 2012


The game of football is incomparable to any other form of sports irrespective of the angles or perspectives you are considering. Imagine a game that emanates a free gesture of unbelievable. Read on to believe it
PROSTITUTES in Lusaka’s Kanyama, John Laing, Chawama and Kalingalinga compounds last night offered themselves free of charge to every Jim and Jack as part of their celebration after Zambia beat Ghana 1-0.
A check by The Independent Post (TIP) at nightclubs such as Kanyama’s Kanchembele and Chine Chikayeba found long queues of men waiting to have sex with a limited number of prostitutes.

A single prostitute served nearly 11 men and there were more than 200 men wanting to celebrate Zambia’s first qualification to the Africa Cup final since 1994 in style.

The situation was the same at John Laing’s Corogo night Club which is situated just opposite John Laing Basic School. But at Corogo, a man in his mid twenties was beaten up after he took long to attain orgasm when his turn to have sex with the prostitute came.

“Yes, we beat him up because he took too long to ejaculate. We were too many of us on line and the guy kept on wasting time on top of the prostitute,” said an eye-witness, identified only as James.

And in Chawama as well as Kalingalinga, TIP correspondents say only a handful of prostitutes were made to serve tens of Chipolopolo fans.

But another soccer fan who claims not have taken part in the ‘mass servicing’ of prostitutes said the development was unfortunate. Mike Tembo suspected that many young people might have contracted the HIV virus and other STIs during the ‘sexual celebration.’


The Making Of A New Koro
Not only politically inclined but versatile, Adeyemi is an individual that is adored within the management circle especially in the banking industry where he is making immeasurable impacts on a daily basis. Otunba Adeyemi Shokunbi, an indigene of Ogun State comes from a family with working history in the banking institution where his late father was once a staff in one of the Nigerian Banks, 1st Bank before he retired as an AGM.
Adeyemi is a graduate of Lagos State University with Computer Mathematics as his specialization. After his dedicated services (NYSC) to the mother-land Nigeria he pursued his career by following the footsteps of other members of his family who were already seasoned bankers. He started with the then Continental Trust Bank before moving to the present bank where he works in Group Information Management System Unit. Before his present unit, he was once the head of operation at the branch level. A position he held distinguishably with all required accomplishments.

Wednesday 8 February 2012


Just a day after some bankers celebrated the resignation of their friend from banking profession to another endeavor, somewhere in the heart of Lagos the men of the underworld were busying taking away the life of another banker. They were robbing an innocent Damilola Sowemimo who was on her way to Sunday services. They not only robbed her for a token but took away the most priceless gift on earth: Her Life.

According to information received regarding this incident, Damilola before her demise was a seasoned banker of United Bank For Africa (37, Oba Akran Avenue, Ikeja ), which head-office is located at 57 Marina Lagos, and a product of Bowen University. The incident took place in front of her house in Ajao Estate, precisely 1, Agbor Close, Isolo Way, Ajao Estate, Lagos. The armed men came on a bike with the aim of collecting all her belongings while trying to get into the house. She struggled with them as they pulled her bag from her with her phone but they were surprised that they couldn't find anything valuable in the bag after ransacking it; they shot her with exasperation.

We pray may the Lord never allowed the people who did this to have rest for the remaining part of their life.
May her soul rest in peace

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Tuesday 7 February 2012


Like the proverbial saying of my people ‘twenty kids cannot play and stay together for twenty years’, definitely certain occurrences will take place that will lead to the departure of one or two of them if not all. Usually, it is mainly all about the pursuit of dreams and trying to survive the turbulence of the world that in most cases lead to them moving and drifting apart until they eventually get separated. To me the Boys II Men song of it so hard to say goodbye to yesterday was just a mere song until I witnessed the reality embedded in it. This occurred to me when one of the most resourceful hands of the IT Department of a global bank in Africa was set to pursuit another dream that is totally different from banking. I find it so difficult and unbelievable that the guy who is so unique in all ramifications especially in the area of core application of the Bank will no longer be around with his team to do what he knows how to do better: resolving and providing solutions to technical related issues. 

Just like an injection administered into the body and moving through the spine, the feeling of him leaving was so psychologically and I felt it so deeply within me while envisaging what it could be like when he is no longer part of the team he adores so dearly. His colleagues who cherish every moment he spent with them organized a get together for him at Kings Place to wish me well in his next journey of life, discovery and success. Likewise, several parting words and words of encourages were dished out to him before they all parted with heavy hearts.

This is the final remark of the humble Joshua Adeleke:
Great guys,
I want to thank you all for making tonight a memorable one for me. I really appreciate it and will always cherish it. I love you all and will MISS you all to say the least. God bless you.

The Music of the day:
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