Tuesday 27 January 2015


The place that was once called Home, Abode and resting place for many now turned to horror and no go area for many over overnight, with a conflict that sprouted from the unrest of Arab Spring Protests. The unrest started way back in early spring of 2011 when nations within the Arab League started protesting against their various Leaders. The roller coast effect moved to Syria as citizens of this nation protested against President Bashar al-Assad’s reign and wanted a new government that is more democratic in all ramifications.
President al-Assad who still want to hold on to power, responded with violent crackdowns through his Military forces and gradually the protect metamorphosed into what is today regarded as Syrian Civil War or Syrian Revolution.

The armed opposition consists of various groups that were formed during the course of the conflict, primarily the Free Syrian Army, which was the first to take up arms in 2011, and the Islamic Front formed in 2013. In 2013, Hezbollah entered the war in support of the Syrian army. In the east, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), a jihadist militant group originating from Iraq, made very rapid military gains in both Syria and Iraq, eventually conflicting with the other rebels. In July 2014, ISIL controlled a third of Syria's territory and most of its oil and gas production, thus establishing itself as the major opposition force.

By July 2013, the Syrian government was in control of approximately 30–40% of the country's territory and 60% of the Syrian population. A United Nations report in late 2012 described the conflict as being "overtly sectarian in nature", between mostly Alawite government forces, militias and other Shia groups fighting largely against Sunni-dominated rebel groups, although both opposition and government forces have denied it. Due to foreign involvement this conflict has been called a proxy war.

As of April 2014 the death toll had risen above 190,000. International organizations have accused forces on all sides of severe human rights violations, with many massacres occurring. Chemical weapons have been used many times during the conflict as well. Government forces are reportedly responsible for the majority of civilian casualties, often through bombings. In addition, tens of thousands of protesters and activists have been imprisoned and there are reports of torture in state prisons.

The severity of the humanitarian disaster in Syria has been outlined by the UN and many international organizations. More than 6.5 million Syrians have been displaced, more than 3 million Syrians have fled the country to countries such as Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, and Iraq and become refugees, and millions more have been left in poor living conditions with shortages of food and drinking water. At the end of August 2014, 35,000 refugees were awaiting registration, while estimates of several hundred thousand more were not included in official figures as they were unregistered.

With the above figures in term of death toll and displaced Syrians who are scattered all over trying to find new meanings of life and existence, does it really mean anything to the groups that are involved in this war? They no longer see the need to the end of this war and a new Syria where peace reign for as long as possible and allowed by all. Army, belligerent and terrorists have turned the war to a game of expressions of valor, foolishness, religion supremacy, autonomy, metacide (brainwash),  anger and revenge that will never stop if they parties involved do not put into consideration the need and respect for others people life. There is need to stop the continuous killing, anguish, agony and displacement people are put through on daily basis.

Let live and tolerate one another 

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