Monday 14 May 2012


The English Premiership League (EPL) is regarded as the most competitive league in the world and it is truly meeting up to its standard as being the most competitive. The just concluded 2011/2012 season was perhaps the most unpredictable and hottest season since the beginning of EPL as clubs seem uncertain about their positions as either becoming the premiership champion, going down the drain as relegated team or qualifying for the next champion league.

The atmosphere of the viewing centre where I was watching the final day matches of the Premiership was engulfed with heat, argument and noise of spectators (fans) that were psychologically absorbed with the ongoing matches and wanting their teams to win. Majority of the Manchester United fans were supporting QPR so as to see Man Utd., victorious at the end of the day.

Every moment, after QPR scored the second goal (despite the red card for Joey Barton), was shredded emotion with pulsating actions from Manchester City that was desperate to win the league. This result aroused the hope of Manchester United that was playing concurrently some distance from Etihad Stadiumand the unacknowledged hero ‘QPR’ became the deciding factor of the next king of EPL.

90 minute on the dot and all seems to be going the way of Manchester United, Fergie (Alex Fergusson) and their supporters who are at the viewing centre celebrating the assumed victory with beers, songs and noise while the supporters of Manchester City were all down and soaked in abstemiousness.

Just as the extra time was added some supporters of City were seeing leaving the stadium with tears amid the team losing to QPR, until 92nd minute when Edin Dzeko headed the ball into net to make the score chart 2-2 thereby restoring full breathe and hope to the fans that were almost lifeless and hopeless. 

However, the reality, the smile and the history for the day was created by Sergio Aguero who found himself with ball at 94th minutes and suddenly turned everything to stupefying moment with his goal. The stadium was turned into pandemonium, with Aguero celebrating with his shirt off, Mancini running across to hold his coaching crew and the supporters flying into the stadium like UFO flying saucer. 

A new champion was born after years of drought championship.

signature: d'prince (oduduwa)


  1. There really was a need for change in mantle of power in England...The Abu Dhabi project finally yielded a positive result after 5 years thereby shifting power to the blue half of Manchester. Still believe Mancini should be sacked sha...
    Congratz to all City fans.

    1. Well I don't believe in hiring and firing system without give opportunity for growth and development. Let the manager grow with the team as well as the club and Mancini will transform Man City to a super winning team

    2. Agreed , Mancini has really transformed the club as a whole so he should be allowed to nurture the team for champions' league