Thursday 30 January 2014


Washington (AFP) - As if Barack Obama didn't have enough problems to deal with already, his administration now is being asked to weigh in on the grave matter of Justin Bieber's bad behavior.
By midday Wednesday (1700 GMT), a petition on the White House website calling for the deportation of the Canadian-born teen idol had garnered 103,000 names -- easily surpassing the threshold of 100,000 signatures required for presidential consideration.

"We the people of the United States feel that we are being wrongly represented in the world of pop culture," says the petition, created by one "J.A." in Detroit on January 23, the day Bieber was busted in Miami Beach for impaired driving and illegal drag racing in a flashy Italian sports car.

"We would like to see the dangerous, reckless, destructive and drug-abusing Justin Bieber deported and his green card revoked. He is not only threatening the safety of our people but he is also a terrible influence on our nation's youth. We the people would like to remove Justin Bieber from our society."
The White House website hosts citizens' petitions on other, more heady issues such as the legalization of marijuana and a pardon for National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden.
"Every petition that crosses the threshold will be reviewed by the appropriate staff and receive a response," assistant White House spokesman Matt Lehrich said.
But State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki cautioned that the petition program "doesn't always determine a step will be taken, it's more of another opportunity for the voices of the American people to be heard."
There was no comment from Bieber himself, who according to gossip websites was back in Los Angeles on Wednesday after a weekend beach break in Panama.


(TMZ) The rented Lambo Justin Bieber was driving before his DUI arrest is now practically a celebrity itself -- in fact, so famous ... it's become a Holy Grail for Bieber fanatics and modeling shoots.
Good example ... here's 24-year-old Miami smokeshow Madison Murray rubbing her ass on the car at a showroom on Tuesday.
Sure, it's a yellow Lambo -- who wouldn't want to pose beside it -- but sources tell us, Justin's car has made such a reputation for itself this month ... local models are practically clawing at each other to get a photo op.

And it's not just models ... a source at Miami's Lou La Vie exotic car rental -- which owns the whip -- tells us, the company's been inundated with calls from crazy Bieber fans too ... asking to rent it just for a day to take photos at the DUI arrest site.
It ain't cheap though ... the car rents for $1,500-$1,700 a day, depending on how many days you rent it for. So far, it's already booked through this weekend.

Reference: TMZ

Wednesday 29 January 2014


'He would put his cigarettes out on me, on my back and on my stomach. He called me his ashtray'
A woman has told a court how her father and uncle laughed as they took it in turns to rape her.
The alleged victim told the court how she was sexually assaulted, beaten and had cigarettes stubbed out on her body while she was in primary school.

In the second day of the trial, the woman and her brother gave evidence against their father, uncle and a family friend who face 56 charges of physical and sexual abuse at Londonderry Crown Court sitting in Coleraine.
The woman – who is now an adult – told the court between the ages of 10 and 14 she was attacked by her father and uncle multiple times each month.

"They both took it in turns to rape me. I was crying, I asked them to stop but they laughed at me. They started doing it at the same time," she said.
She went on to say the men would film the assaults and make her watch the tapes back.

Her parents were divorced so she did not live at the property with her father – the abuse would happen when she visited.

Tuesday 28 January 2014


(CITIFMONLINE) A 33-year-old woman has been arrested by the Greater Accra Police command for allegedly killing her ex-husband and two others. Afua Badu is alleged to have set ablaze their uncompleted home at Tantra hill, Accra.

The ex-husband, Peter Amos Asobayiri, together with his new wife, Felicity Asobayiri and 2-year-old daughter Sarah Asobayiri were all burnt beyond recognition. The Mile Seven Police Division effected the arrest after fire officers who visited the scene hinted of foul play.
According to Police preliminary investigations, the ex-wife of the deceased was unhappy at the decision of her ex-husband to divorce her. Speaking at a press conference, the Greater Accra Police Commander, DCOP Christian Tettey Yohunu said they are preparing to arraign her before court and with a murder charge.

He explained that the Homicide Unit of the National Police Headquarters will continue with further investigations and process her for court


Record of the Year
WINNER: “Get Lucky” — Daft Punk & Pharrell Williams
Song of the Year
WINNER: “Royals” — Joel Little & Ella Yelich O'Connor
Best New Artist
WINNER: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Best Pop Solo Performance
WINNER: “Royals” — Lorde
Best Pop Duo/Group Performance
WINNER: “Get Lucky” — Daft Punk & Pharrell Williams
Best Pop Vocal Album
WINNER: Unorthodox Jukebox — Bruno Mars
Best Alternative Music Album
WINNER: Modern Vampires Of The City — Vampire Weekend
Best Rap Performance
WINNER: “Thrift Shop” — Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Featuring Wanz
Best Rap/Sung Collaboration
WINNER: “Holy Grail” — Jay Z Featuring Justin Timberlake
Best Rap Song
WINNER: Thrift Shop - Ben Haggerty & Ryan Lewis, songwriters (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Featuring Wanz)


A Chinese teenager who killed himself so his parents could afford to save his elder brother's life has been granted his dying wish... after doctors announced the surviving sibling is on the road to recovery.
Brothers Honghui, 20, and Hongtao, 18, were bother struck down with Uremia, a symptom of kidney failure, within months of each other in 2010.
Unable to afford the mounting medical bills, their parents, Chuanyou and wife Zheng Tingxia, sold almost everything they owned in search of two matching kidneys to save their son's lives.
Then, as time was beginning to run out, Hongtao locked himself in his room and drank pesticide, dying an agonising death.
In a heart-rending gesture of brotherly love, his body was found by a note, which included the words: 'Brother, when you are cured, please tell me and it will be enough for me.'

Up until summer 2010 life was good for Gao Chuanyou, his wife Zheng Tingxia and their two sons.
Both boys were at the top of their class in school and the future seemed bright as they put the finishing touches to the new house in the county of Funan in Anhui province in the central of China
But then disaster struck when the eldest, Honghui, after a month of illness was diagnosed with uremia.
Doctors told his parents that only a kidney transplant could save their son's life. But then, just as they were coming to terms with this disaster, Hongtao was diagnosed with the same condition.

Monday 27 January 2014


Police in India's West Bengal state have arrested 13 men in connection with a gang rape of a woman, allegedly on orders of village elders who objected to her relationship with a man.

The 20-year-old woman has been admitted to a hospital in a critical condition.
Unofficial courts in India's villages often sanction killings of couples deemed to have violated local codes.
Scrutiny of sexual violence in India has grown since the 2012 gang rape and murder of a student on a Delhi bus.

The government tightened laws on sexual violence last year after widespread protests following the attack. But violence and discrimination against women remain deeply entrenched in India's staunchly patriarchal society.

The suspects were produced in court and have been remanded in custody. They have not yet made any public comment. Police said the latest incident on Monday night was prompted by the relationship between a woman belonging to the Santhal tribal group and a non-tribal man from a nearby village in Birbhum district.

Clan-based village councils made up of local elders wield great influence over life in large swathes of rural India and often mete out punishments for offences deemed to contravene local traditions and mores. Although honour killings, sanctioned by unofficial courts that are common in parts of northern India, are unheard of in the tribal Santhal community, women are still treated as second class citizens.

Friday 24 January 2014


Chief Executive Officer of Nissan Motors, Carlos Ghosn, disclosed this to President Goodluck Jonathan on the sideline of ongoing World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Ghosn, who said the vehicles would be rolled out of the old Volkswagen Assembly plant in Lagos, noted it was possible to produce two to three million cars in Nigeria annually.

According to him, this will lead to creation of thousands of direct and indirect jobs in the country.

He also told President Jonathan that Nissan intended to increase its investment in Nigeria and establish its own production plant in the country.

“We are interested in producing popular cars , totally adapted to the needs of Nigerians,” Ghosn told the President, adding that the company also planned to bring its global suppliers to make vehicle components in the country.

In his remarks, President Jonathan reiterated that the diligent implementation of the country’s new national automotive policy would rapidly develop Nigeria’s automobile industry.

Reference: vanguard



(CNN) -- An 11-year-old Illinois girl was stabbed 40 times by her 14-year-old sister, police say, and the reason why has many in the small Chicago-area community of Mundelein reeling in disbelief.

Police found the 11-year-old girl unconscious and in need of medical attention in an upstairs bedroom of the Illinois suburb Tuesday morning. She later died.

Because the sister, who called police, initially told officers an intruder was to blame for the attack, authorities briefly placed three schools on lockdown.

The truth, when it emerged, was even more shocking.

The 14-year-old, authorities say, repeatedly and fatally stabbed the victim -- her half sister -- with a kitchen knife because the teen thought she was ungrateful.

"This incident is a heartbreaking tragedy that defies understanding," said Mundelein Mayor Steve Lentz. "I am asking the Chicagoland area, please pray for us. Pray, first of all, for the family that has been devastated by this."

Thursday 23 January 2014


In the course of my stay in the United States during the 2010/2011 academic session, a Nigerian woman (resident in Boston) could not find her son with whom she came to the Galleria Mall in Cambridge, Massachusetts and had to call in the police. It took about three hours before the woman and the police eventually found the boy playing

games inside the “Best Buy” shop. So incensed was the woman that when she grabbed the boy she wanted to beat him but she was restrained by the head of the police team, who however told her: “Don’t do that here, when you get home, lock your doors and give him some good spanking.”

Whenever I reflect on that episode, what it tells me is the recognition by the policeman and possibly many other people in the United States, of the wisdom in the Biblical injunction, “spare the rod, spoil the child”, which we imbibe in Africa. But they are constrained from applying such principles based on the laws governing their own society.

It is within that context that I want to situate the controversy that has greeted the signing into law by President Goodluck Jonathan, of the Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act, 2013 which forbids “a marriage contract or civil union entered into between persons of same sex, and provides penalties for the solemnization and witnessing of same thereof.”

Ordinarily, what consenting adults do behind closed doors should be their business. Interestingly, that is the way it was until gay people brought the discussion about “how they do it” into the open in their attempt to force the world to accept, and probably embrace, their way. And because many of their promoters (even though small in number) are rich, famous and influential, this rather vocal minority is bent on imposing its values on the rest of us without making allowances even for neutrality. They have gone this far because they have a powerful ally in Mr. Barack Obama who can be considered the first American “gay” president in the manner in which Mr. Bill Clinton is considered the first American “black” president.

Wednesday 22 January 2014


Sex tapes have just been given a 21st century makeover thanks to the new Sex with Google Glass app.
Forget mirrors on the ceiling or handheld cameras, couples can now use the wearable technology to record their most intimate moments.
The app also lets couples see sex through their partner’s eyes by streaming the view from their respective device.

The Sex with Google Glass app was created at the Wearable Tech Hackathon in London. During intercourse, each partner can stream what their other half is seeing while wearing the headset. A video is recorded throughout and can be replayed for up to five hours before being deleted automatically

Sex with Google Glass was developed by Lebanese product design student Sherif Maktabi during the Wearable Hackathon event in London in November.
Explaining why he created the app, Maktabi said: ‘We want to change the way people experience things.

Read more: dailymail

Tuesday 21 January 2014


(BBC Sports)– South Africa has been tagged “a bunch of losers” by the country’s sports minister after they were eliminated in the group stage of the African Nations Championship.
The hosts of the tournament for home-based players lost 3-1 to Nigeria on Sunday to suffer a humiliating exit.
“What I saw was not a problem of coaching; it was a bunch of losers. That mediocrity that was displayed, we must never wake up to that again.” Fikile Mbalula told a news conference.
Bafana Bafana finished third in Group A, having lost to Nigeria, drawn with Mali and beaten only Mozambique.

Mbalula believes their failure to reach the knockout stage shows there are fundamental problems with the team.
“Their performance was not even lacklustre, it was useless. We must go back to the drawing board. We indeed have a crisis of monumental proportions. We don’t have a crisis of talent, we have a crisis of putting everything together.
I felt like just standing up and walking out (the stadium). I saw people lining up after the game to greet them, I won’t greet them, I didn’t even call them.
In Africa we have won nothing, we are the laughing stock. This generation of players we must forget,” he stated.

South Africa failed to qualify for this year’s World Cup in Brazil, and since 2008 they have only played at tournaments they have hosted, which include the 2010 World Cup.

“We aren’t going to this year’s World Cup. But Iran is going and yet there is no football there. We hosted the Africa Cup of Nations in 2013 and could not get to the final. We also hosted CHAN and ended up going out in the group stages.
If we were united we would have done our best and won CHAN by stopping the league for one month to concentrate on this,” added Mbalula.


(TMZ)– The singer’s handlers are concerned about ‘erratic’ behavior the pop star has been exhibiting apparently due to frequent drug use – specifically his developing addiction to ‘sizzurp,’ according to TMZ sources.
Does Justin Bieber have a drug problem? Sources tell TMZ that the singer’s team is worried about his “regular” drug use.
While the pop star came up squeaky clean in a recent house raid that pinned his pal Lil Za for ecstasy possession, a new report claims that the “All That Matters” singer isn’t exactly innocent.

Monday 20 January 2014


“Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
For the first time in recent history, Manchester United is failing on the pitch.
United has seen its share of obstacles over the years. But this season it appears everything that could go wrong, is going wrong for the defending Premier League champions.
A managerial change, the Wayne Rooney transfer saga, a complete failure by the club during the summer transfer window, injuries to key personnel, an aging roster, underperforming players, and a complete reversal of fortunes on the

the pitch (officiating decisions/lucky bounce of the ball) have all combined to put Manchester United in the position they are currently in…seventh place in the Premier League; 14 points behind league leading Arsenal and (depending on Monday’s result) they could be six or seven points out of the final Champions League spot.
If the season were to end today, it’s safe to say that it would be considered a failure.
But the season doesn’t end today. In fact, a win in their next match against Sunderland on Wednesday would send Manchester United into the League Cup final at Wembley Stadium.


On Jarrid’s blog post titled, “I’m Dating Someone Even Thought I’m Married,” he writes:
“I have a confession to make. I’m dating someone even though I’m married.
She’s an incredible girl. She’s beautiful, smart, cunning, strong, and has an immensely strong faith in God. I love to take her out to dinner, movies, local shows, and always tell her how beautiful she is. I can’t remember the last time I was mad at her for longer than five minutes, and her smile always seems to brighten up my day no matter the circumstances.

Sometimes she will visit me at work unannounced, make me an incredible lunch, or even surprise me with something she personally baked. I can’t believe how lucky I am to be dating someone even though I am married. I encourage you to try it and see what it can do for your life.

Saturday 18 January 2014


Through a new initiative on his ministries official Facebook page in which the cleric responds to people’s questions in an interactive session, he addressed the much debated question on same-sex marriage.

“Judge not, so that you will not be judged,” Joshua began, citing Matthew 7:1 for Scriptural backing. “We should talk to people to be saved and not to die. I mean, we should talk salvation, not condemnation. The Bible is my standard,” he continued in the post to almost 900,000 fans.

“If my parents were one, I would not have been given birth to,” he proceeded poignantly. “Those that are asking this question – if your parents were one, you would not have been given birth to. You that are reading me – if your parents were one, you would not be reading this today. God bless the reader and the hearer.”

Thursday 16 January 2014


ABEOKUTA — Tragedy struck, yesterday, in Onikolobo area of Abeokuta when youths suspected to be members of a secret cult unleashed terror on residents of the area, killing two persons.
Those who lost their lives, according to an eyewitness, include a pregnant woman said to be a passer-by, and a student of a polytechnic in Abeokuta.

Vanguard gathered that several others sustained injuries when members of the secret cult invaded Onikolobo, combing houses  in search of their targets.
It was further gathered that members of a particular secret cult had been involved in a brawl with members of the outlawed Oodua Peoples Congress, OPC, a few days before the recent attack.

They allegedly made use of dangerous weapons, which include guns, cutlasses and broken bottles, among others.
It took the intervention of officials of the Vigilante Services of Ogun State, VSO, before the rampaging cultists were dispersed.
When our correspondent visited the scene, armed policemen from the Adigbe Divisional Headquarters were maintaining order in the area.
When contacted, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Muyiwa Adejobi, said policemen from Adigbe divisional headquarters raided the suspected hideout of the cultists where seven of the suspects were apprehended while smoking Indian hemp.

Adejobi, who said the arrested suspects were already in police custody at Adigbe divisional police station, noted  that the raid carried out was one of the routine raids in the command and that the place where the seven suspects were arrested was one of the hot spots of criminals in the state.

He added that those arrested would be thoroughly interrogated to determine their culpability in the case, adding that the innocent ones would be freed afterward, while those found culpable would be charged to court accordingly.

Also,  the Public Relations Officer of the VSO, Soji Gansalo, confirmed the incident but stressed that only one person was confirmed dead already.

source: vanguardngr


Sometimes the route to happiness depends more on what you don't do.

Happiness--in your business life and your personal life--is often a matter of subtraction, not addition.
Consider, for example, what happens when youstop doing the following 10 things:
1. Blaming.
People make mistakes. Employees don't meet your expectations. Vendors don't deliver on time.
So you blame them for your problems.
But you're also to blame. Maybe you didn't provide enough training. Maybe you didn't build in enough of a buffer. Maybe you asked too much, too soon.
Taking responsibility when things go wrong instead of blaming others isn't masochistic, it's empowering--because then you focus on doing things better or smarter next time.
And when you get better or smarter, you also get happier.
2. Impressing.
No one likes you for your clothes, your car, your possessions, your title, or your accomplishments. Those are all "things." People may like your things--but that doesn't mean they like you.
Sure, superficially they might seem to, but superficial is also insubstantial, and a relationship that is not based on substance is not a real relationship.
Genuine relationships make you happier, and you'll only form genuine relationships when you stop trying to impress and start trying to just be yourself.
3. Clinging.
When you're afraid or insecure, you hold on tightly to what you know, even if what you know isn't particularly good for you.
An absence of fear or insecurity isn't happiness: It's just an absence of fear or insecurity.
Holding on to what you think you need won't make you happier; letting go so you can reach for and try to earn what you want will.
Even if you don't succeed in earning what you want, the act of trying alone will make you feel better about yourself.

Wednesday 15 January 2014


Justin Bieber's live-in pal Lil Za, who was arrested on Tuesday morning at the superstar singer's California mansion for alleged drug possession rounded off a day to forget as he was released from Lost Hills Sheriff's station late last night.
However, before he was let go, he found the time to get arrested again - this time for vandalism inside the jail.

According to a law enforcement source, Za, whose real name is Xavier Smith, was preparing for his release at the station when he lost his temper and damaged a phone inside the holding cell he had spent the entire day in.

Minutes away from posting the $20,000 bail for possession of felony narcotics found during a raid on Bieber's home, Za was re-booked for vandalism according to Lt. Michael Williams after he apparently furiously banged the handset against the dial and his bail was readjusted to a reported $70,000.

Lil Za, real name Xavier Smith, has been widely regarded as a 'bad influence' on Bieber for over a year. He was supposed to have been moved out of the singer's home but according to reports he has been 'staying at Bieber's Calabasas home for months.'

Tuesday 14 January 2014

Kanye West Allegedly Assaulted An 18 Year Old Boy Over Kim Kardashian

Kanye West allegedly attacked a boy for calling Kim Kardashian names, the boy tried to help Kim K get away from the paparazi and things kinda went south while he was doing that , Kim K called her fiance and Told him what happened and Kanye went to fetch the boy and he hit him.

TMZ reports…
Kanye West just attacked an 18-year-old guy inside the waiting room of a chiropractor’s office … after the guy allegedly called Kanye the N-word … TMZ has learned.
Kim was at a Beverly Hills medical building when she was swarmed by photogs.  We’re told the guy allegedly tried to help Kim get in the building, as he started screaming,  “F**k these fa**ot-ass n****rs”" — referring to the paparazzi.  Kim then told him it was not appropriate to use the N-word.  We’re told he then screamed at her, “F**k you bitch.  Just trying to help you.  Shut up n****r lover, stupid slut.”


In amist of tear of joy, Cristiano Ronaldo received his award after being named World Footballer of the Year 2013/14
Ronaldo beat Argentine and Barcelona player Lionel Messi and France and Bayern Munich player Franck Ribery to win the 2013 FIFA Ballon D'or award. Ronaldo won it in 2008 but lost to Messi in 2009, 2010, 2011, & 2012.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever

Friday 10 January 2014


According to reports reaching US, a credible source has revealed that the embattled Minister of Aviation, Stella Oduah has cried out to her friends that she doesn’t know why it’s only her own wrong doings that are being exposed by media. She is said to have told her friends that she’s not the only one with fake certificate in government today.

Also, Yakubu Dati, her spokesman in aviation industry, told BBC that they wont respond to the scandal and it is surprising to Nigerians that the Presidency is yet to say anything about this BIG fraud by Stella Oduah.

reference: dailynigeriainfo


1. David Moyes - Manchester United
It was never going to be easy following in Sir Alex Ferguson's footsteps, but Moyes has not been helped by the squad that was left behind. Concentrating more on his final year than the future, Ferguson left David Moyes with little attacking flair, something the Scotsman tried to rectify with the rushed signing of Marouane Fellaini.

He has also been unfortunate that last season's top scorer Robin van Persie has chosen this year to spend more time on the treatment table. Without Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie, United have looked pretty ordinary. The January window cannot come soon enough as Moyes needs to strengthen a weak midfield.

The title looks a distant proposition and even a Champions League place looks beyond them as Old Trafford has lost its sense of invincibility. Some fickle fans believe he should be replaced, but Moyes must be given time to make the team his own.

2. Manuel Pellegrini - Manchester City 
In the blue half of Manchester sits a happy Chilean called Manuel Pellegrini. He has already achieved more than his predecessor by qualifying for the knock-out stages of the Champions League and although they have drawn Barcelona, it will not be beyond them to progress further in the tournament.

He has at his disposal the best squad in the Premier League and they have won all 10 of their games at the Etihad, amassing a total of 38 goals whilst doing so. He has City playing fluid attacking football and is not afraid of making tough decisions. Earlier this season, he dropped error prone Joe Hart and replaced him with Costel Pantilimon.
They are battling on four fronts and there is no reason why they cannot win them all.

Thursday 9 January 2014


Twenty-four hours after her claim to have acquired a Masters degree from the St. Paul’s College in the United States was punctured, another online news medium, PREMIUM TIMES has uncovered another false claim by our embattled Minister of Aviation, Stella Oduah. This time, the minister lied on oath to the Nigerian Senate, claiming another American ‘university’, Pacific Christian University awarded her an honorary doctorate degree in 1998.

Mrs. Oduah made the claim in a 7-page resume she distributed to Nigeria’s 109 senators during her confirmation hearing on July 2, 2011. On page four of the document, the minister claimed the university, which she said was based in Glendale, awarded her an honorary doctorate in Business Administration.

It was based on this document that she was grilled and eventually confirmed by the lawmakers. But investigations suggest that no university called Pacific Christian University exists in the United States.

The U.S. Department of Education, through its National Centre for Education Statistics, keeps an up-to-date database of all public libraries and educational institutions in the country – public, private  and colleges.


This year CAF award for footballer is taking place today in the most fabulous city in Africa, Lagos and one of the nominees for the most prestigious award of the night is Nigeria-Chelsea player Mikel Obi. The African Footballer of the year award is determined by votes from the head coaches of the national teams.

According to news from the Chelsea club, the Nigeria player will be flown to the event in the club’s private jet while waiting for him till the event come to an end in order to fly in back to the London. The club believes this player is of utmost value to the club at the moment and will not want anything to affect his performance for the club at this crucial point of the Premiership league and other competitions of which the club is competing for victories and trophies.

The Chelsea midfielder is one of three nominated for the honour, with former team mate Didier Drogba and Manchester City's Yaya Toure the other two, a shortlist of 10 names having been cut down earlier this week. (Chelsea club news)

It is the first time Mikel has been one of the three nominees. Toure won the accolade the previous two years and Drogba is also a twice winner, in 2006 and 2009.

Adetunji Oduduwa- D'Prince


Just think back to 1996, when Tiger Woods turned professional with all the promise in the world. He won two events that season, earned just under $800,000 for the year and had a lot of us wondering if this was the man that was going to change the game of golf.
Two decades later and Woods is the first golfer to pass the billion dollar mark. All of this is according to Golf Digest, who has Woods bringing in $1.3 billion for his career thanks to a 2013 that saw Tiger earn $83 million for the season.

Woods was the top earner for the year in golf, followed by Phil Mickelson ($52 million), Arnold Palmer ($40 million), Jack Nicklaus ($26 million), Henrik Stenson ($19 million) and Rory McIlroy ($18 million).

Wednesday 8 January 2014


The usual gossip and counter gossip erupted again between a popular blogger and Ghanaian Movie Actress regarding you said this or you did that and some other uncalled for comments.

Yesterday Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji posted a story on her blog where she stated that Ghanaian actress and Iyanya’s ex-girlfriend, Yvonne Nelson was set to cast Iyanya in her new movie.

Yvonne Nelson quickly took to twitter to deny that she’s in any movie with Iyanya and accused Linda Ikeji of not verifying her story before publishing. Linda hit back claiming the actress is always trying to be in news and has her publicists send her half truths and fake news just so she can be in the news, an allegation Yvonne didn’t like..

Read the hot words exchange on twitter:

Tuesday 7 January 2014


In an attempt to see the Niger State governor, Dr. Babangida Aliyu in his (Aliyu) office in Minna, a woman identified as Hajiya Bilkisu Mahmoud on Monday slumped and died. Her death has been attributed to delay on the part of the protocol officers who failed to make it possible for her to see the governor on time, as she had to wait for several hours before been allowed into the governor’s office.

Report says the 46-year- old woman had slumped three minutes after she was allowed into the governor’s office.

In an attempt to revive her, she was rushed to the Minna General Hospital in a Government House Ambulance, but was later confirmed dead by the doctors who attended to her


Everyday, it is becoming clear that thieves and criminals are holding top positions in Nigeria.
US College Says It Did Not Award MBA To Stella Oduah As It Has No Masters Programme
Stella Oduah, Nigeria’s Aviation Minister who is embroiled in a scandal of towering proportions in the ministry, faces new integrity questions as her Masters’ degree has been challenged by the United States school which she claimed awarded the degree to her.

Her resume, presented to Senate as a ministerial nominee in 2011, indicated she obtained a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from St. Paul’s College Lawrenceville, Virginia, United States.

         “But the School’s Provost Vice President of Academic Affairs and Vice President of Institutional Development said in response to inquiries: “We don’t offer any graduate programs here.”

Sahara Reporters has learned from the President of the college that it has never in its 125-year history had a graduate school or graduate program.

Similarly, the school’s website states: “Saint Paul’s College is accredited by the Commission of Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award baccalaureate [bachelor’s] degrees.” There is no mention of graduate degrees.

“[Oduah] realized very early in life the indispensability of a sound education in her growth plans in life and therefore pursued her education with all diligence and sense of purpose,” her documents claimed, adding that a determination “to have the best education at the highest level” prompted her stay at the Virginia college in 1983 for the MBA programme.