Friday 8 May 2015

Rapper Fabulous Allegedly Dumped Pregnant Girlfriend Emily B For Pretty College Student!!!

According to Media Takeout, an Atlanta woman named Crystal Nicole who has been acting on been LOW KEY STALKING her on social media for a while, having been posting pictures of herself and Fabulous in various events.
However, during the weekend, it was noticed that both this woman and Fabulous posted same pictures from the Mayweather fight at the MGM Grand on their social media..

Also, if you go to her page, you'll notice that in none of her pics does she show who's she's with.

Anyways - word on the street is that Fab DUMPED Emily - while she's pregnant . . . and wife'd up this CRYSTAL girl. Look on Emily's page, you won't see a SINGLE post about Fab in over two months. Now mind you . . . she's PREGNANT WITH HIS BABY.

And Emily - we're told is a very pretty smart and classy young lady. She currently attends college in Atlanta - and is studying to work in the music industry.

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