Thursday 22 January 2015

Most Expensive Bottle of Water for $60,000

B.R. Ambedka once said that each drop of water is stripped of its individuality once it joins the ocean; Fernando Altamirano’s international spring water proves quite the contrary.

Based on the artwork by the late Italian artist Amedeo Clemente Modigliani, the special edition Fernando Altamirano bottle is enveloped in 24-karat gold, and contains water gathered from different springs from all over the planet. From the elegant beaches of Fiji, to the glacier water of Iceland, each bottle is uniquely crafted with an additional splash of gold dust.

Unlike luxury water bottles before them (e.g. Bling H20 Bottle, Kona Nigari Water, Exousia 24K Gold Luxury Water), Altamirano’s bottle combines eclectic design with philanthropy – donating the $60,000 to battle global warming.

This opulent elixir was originally created to promote the new line of Altamirano water bottles (priced up to $3,000), which will feature the same contents wrapped in 24-carat gold. Given the intent and craftsmanship behind the concept it is clear that the Altamirano bottle has only augmented the “identity” of each drop.

Reference: affluent

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