Sunday 31 May 2015

Nigeria's New President Declares Assets In Graft Fight

Nigeria's new President Muhammadu Buhari has publicly declared his assets, a spokesman said Saturday, in a move that is a far cry from his predecessor's adamant refusal to do so.

The president and his deputy submitted their declarations to the Code of Conduct Bureau on Thursday though the figures filed were not available immediately, Buhari's spokesman Garba Shehu told The Associated Press.

Buhari, who took office on Friday, has promised to fight the corruption crippling Africa's biggest oil producer. He said every public officer in his government must obey the law by declaring their assets on assuming office and again on their departure.

Former President Goodluck Jonathan in 2012 condemned a clamor for him to publicly disclose his worth. He said his refusal was "a matter of personal principle ... and I don't give a damn about it, even if you criticize me from heaven."

I Don’t Know How I Came Into Politics, It Was By Mistake – Jonathan Admits

Speaking during a reception held in his honour in Bayelsa yesterday, May 29, Jonathan admitted that he had no intention of becoming the deputy governor of the Bayelsa state right from inception.

According to Punch, he said as a civil servant he was moved to work with Chief Diepreye Alamieyeseigha’s team with the purpose of helping his community and not to run for any elective office.

“When electioneering started after Abdusalami Abubakar took over, Alamieyeseigha did not call me. But somewhere along the line because we had worked together, one evening, one Bozimo and another person came to my house and asked me to run with Alamieyeseigha as deputy governor.”

He said his initial response was to turn down the offer on the grounds that he was not interested but later changed his mind.


WASHINGTON (AP) — Beau Biden, who followed his father, Vice President Joe Biden, into politics and was twice elected attorney general of Delaware, died Saturday of brain cancer less than two years after he was diagnosed. Beau Biden was 46.

The younger Biden, who suffered a series of health problems in recent years, was hospitalized this month at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Washington for then-undisclosed reasons. He suffered a mild stroke in 2010 and three years later underwent surgery at a Texas cancer center to remove what was describe as a small lesion.

He announced last year that he would not seek a third term as attorney general and planned to run for governor in 2016

He announced last year that he would not seek a third term as attorney general and planned to run for governor in 2016.

"It is with broken hearts that Hallie, Hunter, Ashley, Jill and I announce the passing of our husband, brother and son, Beau, after he battled brain cancer with the same integrity, courage and strength he demonstrated every day of his life," the vice president said late Saturday in announcing the death of his second child. An infant daughter was killed in a car accident more than four decades ago.

Saturday 30 May 2015

Snake Ancestor Had Ankles And Toes

Millions of years ago, the common ancestor of all living snakes — a long creature with tiny hind limbs as well as ankles and toes — could be found slithering over the damp soil of forests in search of soft-bodied prey, a new study finds.

In the first comprehensive reconstruction of ancestral snakes, the researchers analyzed the fossils, DNA and anatomy of 73 species of snake and lizard.

Their findings suggest that the most recent common ancestor of snakes was likely nocturnal, evolved on land and lived in the warm, damp forests of the Southern Hemisphere about 128 million years ago, they said.

Friday 29 May 2015

Madeleine Albright: Why Change In Nigeria Matters To The World

Madeleine Albright is a former Secretary of State, and Johnnie Carson is a former assistant secretary of state for African affairs.

What happens in Nigeria will have a profound impact on the future of sub-Saharan Africa and the world

This week, something unprecedented is happening in Africa’s most populous country, where groundbreaking political change is underway. Nigeria’s incumbent president will step down and a new president from another political party, Muhammadu Buhari, will be sworn in.

The March election that brought Mr. Buhari to office was a political triumph for Nigeria and a positive step for the future of democracy in sub-Saharan Africa. Few expected that the election would be peaceful or credible, but the Nigerian people demanded nothing less.

As one of us witnessed first-hand while serving on a National Democratic Institute election observer delegation, people across Nigeria waited in lines that stretched for hours simply to have their voices heard through the ballot box. Thousands were willing to risk the threat of election violence to volunteer as citizen observers, and the outcome was seen as legitimate thanks in large measure to the work of the Independent National Electoral Commission, which oversaw the rapid release of election results. A coalition of 400 civic organizations conducted a parallel vote tabulation that protected the integrity of the process and promoted confidence in the official results; other groups conducted a large-scale, and effective anti-violence campaign.

Wednesday 27 May 2015

Epic Marriage Advice From A Man Who Just Got Divorced


Obviously, I’m not a relationship expert. But there’s something about my divorce being finalized this week that gives me the perspective of things I wish I would have done differently… After losing a woman that I loved, and a marriage of almost 16 years, here’s the advice I wish I would have had…


Never stop dating. NEVER EVER take that woman for granted. When you asked her to marry you, you promised to be that man that would OWN HER HEART and to fiercely protect it. This is the most important and sacred treasure you will ever be entrusted with. SHE CHOSE YOU. Never forget that, and NEVER GET LAZY in your love.


Just as you committed to being the protector of her heart, you must guard your own with the same vigilance. Love yourself fully, love the world openly, but there is a special place in your heart where no one must enter except for your wife. Keep that space always ready to receive her and invite her in, and refuse to let anyone or anything else enter there.

3) FALL IN LOVE OVER and OVER and OVER again.

You will constantly change. You’re not the same people you were when you got married, and in five years you will not be the same person you are today. Change will come, and in that you have to re-choose each other everyday. SHE DOESN’T HAVE TO STAY WITH YOU, and if you don’t take care of her heart, she may give that heart to someone else or seal you out completely, and you may never be able to get it back. Always fight to win her love just as you did when you were courting her.

Tuesday 26 May 2015

B.B. King's Daughters Allege That Their Father Was Poisoned Before His Death

Two of B.B. King's daughters want their father's death investigated much further.
According to new court documents obtained by E! News, Karen Williams and Patty King allege B.B.'s business manager Laverne Toney and his personal assistant poisoned the legendary singer.
"I believe my father was poisoned and that he was administrated foreign substances to induce his premature death," the daughters wrote in separate but identical affidavits. "[I] request a formal investigation into this matter."
Toney, who has been named the executor of B.B.'s estate, responded to the new allegations by sharing, "They've been making allegations all along. What's new?" Furthermore, an attorney for B.B.'s estate told reporters that the daughters' allegations are "ridiculous."

Foods & Fruits That Can Increase Your Sexual Performance

Wines: Drinking wine in itself is an erotic and seductive process. Drinking it helps in lowering inhibitions and make people feel relaxed. Port wines which originate from Portugal is considered to be the most potent aphrodisiac. Not only in men, but wine is known to increase libido in woman as well. Dr. Sheth says “it may be known as an aphrodisiac because it can decrease resistance from a woman’s side or put her off her guards.” But make sure that you don’t drink any alcohol in excess as due to it’s sedative properties it will only make you drowsy.

Bananas: Not only because of its phallic shape but also due to its innumerable beneficial properties. A banana is packed with vitamin A, B and C and also potassium. Vitsamin B and potassium are known to increase sex hormone production in the body. A banana is also packed with Bromelain which increases the testosterone levels. High levels of sugar present in banana gives energy, which helps to last long.

Monday 25 May 2015

GT Bank Announces Early Closing Due To Fuel Crisis

One of Nigeria’s biggest banks on Monday announced it was shutting branches early due to a lack of fuel, in the latest sign of shortages hitting businesses.

“The current shortage of petroleum products in the country has limited our ability to supply diesel to all our branches in order to continue normal branch operations,” GT Bank said in a statement on Twitter.

“Due to this we unavoidably have to close our branches nationwide at 1pm (1200 GMT) from Monday 25th May, 2015.”

Guaranty Trust Bank plc has branches across Nigeria, as well as Anglophone and Francophone West Africa, East Africa and Britain, with an overall staff of more than 10,000.

Nigeria has been brought to a virtual standstill by fuel shortages, caused by a row between the outgoing government and importers, as well as strikes by petrol tanker drivers and oil and gas workers.

Sunday 24 May 2015

Teen Named Valedictorian Shocks His Classmates When He Reveals He Is Homeless (plus video)

Through homelessness, the death of his mother and numerous other hardships endured on his way to becoming class valedictorian, Florida high school student Griffin Furlong always clung to one belief.

"Just never give up,'' Furlong, who has long had that motto written on the bill of his baseball cap, told "Never let anyone tell you that you can't do something, because I've been told that all my life. People would tell me I wasn't smart enough, and now I'm here at the top of my class."

Furlong, 18, will give the speech to his fellow seniors on graduation day for First Coast High School in Jacksonville on June 4, after finishing with a 4.65 grade-point average.

Family hardships have resulted in Furlong living in homeless shelters for varying stints since he was 7 years old, including staying in one for a period last month before he moved in with his girlfriend's family, and then with his aunt and uncle. When he was six years old, his mother died from leukemia, and he said he also endured periods of his life where his family was starving and barely able to survive.

Why Leaders Need To Focus On How They Treat Employees

Managers tend to overlook the importance of empathy.

The Leadership Insider network is an online community where the most thoughtful and influential people in business contribute answers to timely questions about careers and leadership. Today’s answer to the question “How do you go from a worker bee to a decision maker?” is by Gary Vaynerchuk, co-founder and CEO of VaynerMedia.

It’s very challenging to be a leader–I don’t think anyone will doubt that. I’ve spoken numerous times about what I think it takes to be a good leader (for starters, trying listening more and talking less) and a greater boss (actually interact with your employees once in a while). But something I don’t talk about enough is how to transition into the role of leader. And that can be the harder than actually leading once you get there.

Friday 22 May 2015

Nigerian Woman Without Formal Education But Lectures At Harvard, Other Top Varsities

Not many in her homeland appear to know about her unique story. But in other lands, especially Europe and America, she is a ‘goddess’ whose works are cherished by kings and presidents.
Without a doubt, the story of Nike Okundaye, the face behind the huge success story of Nike Arts Gallery, located in Lagos, Abuja and Osogbo, is as compelling as it is inspiring.
At a time when young Nigerians are in desperate need of a role model and inspiration in what self-belief and hard work can achieve, Nike’s rise from the status of an unknown village girl born into a seeming insignificant family in a rustic village to a globally celebrated icon would make an A-list inspirational novel.

Born in her native village of Ogidi, Ijumu Local Government Area, Kogi State, young Nike had high dreams about what type of future she wanted for herself. But her dreams were truncated even before they could take form when she lost her mother at age six. “I was six when my mother died,” she said with a tinge of sadness.
With the blow inflicted on her dreams by her mother’s death, young Nike was taken away to live with her grandmother. At the time, many believed that by going to live with an old woman, the young girl’s future had been compromised. But events have since proved that destiny may indeed have been at work in her journey through life.

Thursday 21 May 2015

After 21 Years Of Marriage, His Wife Made Him Take Out Another Woman.


We often take for granted what's been in front of us the whole time. This man's wife just wanted him to realize that.

After 21 years of marriage, my wife wanted me to take another woman out to dinner and a movie. She said, "I love you, but I know this other woman loves you and would love to spend some time with you."

The other woman that my wife wanted me to visit was my mother, who had been a widow for 19 years, but the demands of my work and my 3 children had made it possible to visit her only occasionally.

That night I called to invite her to go out for dinner and a movie.

"What's wrong, are you well?" she asked. My mother is the type of woman who suspects that a late night call or surprise invitation is a sign of bad news.

"I thought that it would be pleasant to spend some time with you," I responded. "Just the two of us."

Wednesday 20 May 2015

15 Unknown Facts About Snow Leopards

Snow leopards are going extinct and we humans are to blame. We are encroaching into their habitats and driving them to extinction.

1. Cubs are born completely blind; they can see partially only after about nine days.
The mother tags around the cubs for almost two years.

2. Sighting a snow leopard is rare; very rare.
Snow leopards are masters of camouflaging. Only the lucky few get to see them or better still, click their pictures at dusk or down.

3. Snow leopards like to inhabit in steep areas with cliffs and ravines.
They are found in elevations that are above 3,000 to 5,500 meters from sea level. And still, there are no guarantees that you’d succeed at spotting one in the wild.

4. Snow leopards have the most beautiful grey or green eyes.
That’s rare in big cats.

5. Snow leopards do not sink in the snow; like never.
They’ve got natural snow shoes in the form of huge paws.
God is a genius, after all.

Strapped To A Bed For 42 Years, She Finally Finds Relief In Death (So Touching)

There is a room in a Mumbai's King Edward Memorial (KEM) Hospital, which remained occupied by the same patient for over four decades. Today the room finally stands empty. Aruna Shanbaug, the world's oldest comatose patient finally breathed her last after being in a vegetative state and under life support for 42 years.

Four decades of being in a coma is a long time and Aruna's family had long since stopped visiting, allegedly due to pressure by the hospital to take her home. During her last moments, her only companions were the nursing staff of KEM, where Aruna herself once worked.

A junior nurse in KEM in 1973, Aruna's story began like a fairy tale - a pretty smiling nurse who fell in love with the handsome doctor in neurology whom she assisted during work. Families approved and a wedding was on the cards. But fate cruelly intervened in the form of a ward boy-cum-sweeper with whom she once had a minor tiff. In retaliation, he strangled her with dog chain, while he sodomised her.

Monday 18 May 2015

Benfica Title Celebrations Turn Violent (see pictures)

Benfica's title celebrations in Lisbon on Sunday evening were marred by clashes between supporters and police.

A goalless draw at Vitoria Guimaraes earlier in the day had earned Benfica consecutive Primeira Liga titles for the first time in 31 years.

More pictures below

Nigeria's Military 'Destroys' 10 Boko Haram Camps

Nigeria's army says it has cleared 10 more camps used by Boko Haram in the north-east of the country.
There was a fierce battle around Dure camp, which a statement describes as one of the most "prominent" hideouts for the militants.
Boko Haram has not yet commented on the army statement and there has been no independent confirmation.
The army has recaptured most of the vast area the militants had seized but the Islamists remain active.

Thousands have been killed, mostly in north-eastern Nigeria, in attacks carried out by Boko Haram since 2009.

Sunday 17 May 2015

Rapper Chinx Killed In New York

Rapper Chinx was shot and killed in New York City early Sunday at around 5 a.m., according to hip-hop news website Management and public relations company Legion Media Group in collaboration with 4 Kings Entertainment confirmed the death with statements released on social media Sunday, noting that Chinx's management had confirmed his passing.

Chinx made his name on the "Coke Boys" and "Cocaine Riot" mixtape series with Montana and other members of the Coke Boys stable. The rapper, born Lionel Pickens, was reportedly sitting in a car when he was shot by a gunman who has not yet been identified.
At 5am on the 17th of May 2015, Chinx was shot and killed while sitting in a car in Jamaica, Queens, New York City.

Saturday 16 May 2015


“After performing Salat Al Maghrib, she put her make-up, wore her beautiful white dress preparing herself for her wedding party, Then she heard the Adhan of ‘Ishaa and she realized that she broke her Wudu she told her mother: “mother, I have to go to make wudu and pray ‘Ishaa”
Her mother was shocked : “Are you crazy?!! Guests are waiting for you, to see you! what about your make -up? It will be all washed away by water!!” then she added:
” I am your mother and I order you not to perform salah now! wallahi if you make wudu now, I will be angry at you”. Her daughter replied:”wallahi I won’t go out from here till I perform my salah! Mother you must know that “There is no obedience to any creature in disobedience to the Creator.”!!

Her mother said:”what would our guests say about you when you’ll show up in your wedding party without make-up?! You won’t be beautiful in their eyes! and They will make fun of you!”
The daughter asked with a smile :”Are you worried because I won’t be beautiful in the eyes of creations? What about my Creator?! I am worried because, if I miss my salah, I won’t be beautiful in His eyes”

Friday 15 May 2015


Reports are circulating that Empire isset to return with its season 2 as early as September 2015. Although, the premiere date is not yet finalized, however David Madden, Fox Entertainment president just told the Hollywood Reporter that it would not be a surprise if the series came back mid-season, rather make the fans wait for one year.

It is likely that the Fox series will come back with a 22-episode second season. The final episode of the 1st season of Empire broke the ratings records, as the two-hour episode was filled with action, big revelations, jaw dropping arrest and shocking death, therefore setting up the thrill in season 2.

Thursday 14 May 2015

Johnny Depp & Dogs Faced Penalty In Australia

Hollywood star Johnny Depp is at the centre of a row in Australia over two illegal immigrants called Pistol and Boo.

The culprits have reportedly fallen foul of the law because, as Yorkshire Terriers, they were brought into the country without respecting the country’s strict procedures on importing pets, including quarantine checks.

Now the dogs face a race against time to avoid being put down. They must leave Australian territory within 72 hours, the government said, or they would be euthanised.

Ghanaian Pastor’s Daughter Comes Out As Gay On Big Brother UK

In the living room Harriet asked her fellow housemates about their relationship status, which led to committed Christian and pastor’s daughter Adjoa Mensah revealing that she is gay, sparking an hilarious reaction from Kieran, fellow housemate, who, Amy, another housemate, quipped, was ‘wounded’ by the revelation.

Kieran, hit back, saying that he is confused, presumably not at the concept of a gay woman though.

Adjoa simply laughs at the reaction and says: “You weren’t expecting that were you?”

Bruce Willis Surprises Waitress

Bruce Willis is a generous tipper, to say the least.
The Die Hard actor made a German waitress' night in Berlin on Saturday, when he left her a whopping $923 tip following a lavish dinner. Bruce and his wife, Emma Heming-Willis, were out to dinner with model Karolina Kurkova and 13 business partners at Hotel Zoo's Grace Restaurant, after which he left the eye-popping tip.


Asian countries claimed the top five spots in a global math and science education ranking administered by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) while the U.S. placed 28th, below much poorer countries such as the Czech Republic and Vietnam.

Singapore ranked best in the world, with Hong Kong placing second and South Korea, Japan and Taiwan rounding out top five, reports the BBC.

At sixth, Finland is the first non-Asian country to appear in the rankings; Ghana came in last place.

Wednesday 13 May 2015

Tragedy: Philadelphia Train Crash- 7 Confirmed Dead (Photos)

Seven carriages including the engine of the Amtrak train bound for New York went off the track on Tuesday evening.
Over 200 people have been treated in area hospitals, says Mayor of Philadelphia Michael Nutter.
Speed may have been a factor in the crash, several US media outlets have reported.
Investigators are searching the wreckage in order to confirm that all on board have been accounted for.

North Korean Defense Minister Executed By Antiaircraft Fire For Falling Asleep

SEOUL—North Korea’s defense minister has been executed by antiaircraft fire for disloyalty and showing disrespect to dictator Kim Jong Un, senior officials from Seoul’s National Intelligence Service told South Korean lawmakers in a closed hearing Tuesday.

Defense Minister Hyon Yong Chol allegedly fell asleep during military events and talked back to the leader, the officials told the Intelligence Committee of South Korea’s National Assembly, according to a person familiar with the briefing.

Here Are 7 Things That Will Make You Happier in 7 Seconds

Here Are 7 Things That Will Make You Happier in 7 Seconds
  • ·        Think about something you love. Imagine how you would feel if you lost it. Now be happy you have it. Research shows savoring has powerful affects on well-being.

  • ·        Take a nap. Studies show we can process negative thoughts just fine when we’re exhausted — but not the happy ones.

  • ·        Smile. Happy or not, just smile. Studies show it can trick your mind into thinking you feel good. And it has plenty of other benefits.

Are You Disorganized? Research Says That’s A Good Thing

In Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation, Steven Johnson posits that “the more disorganized your brain is, the smarter you are” in reference to the results of a neuroscience experiment by Robert Thatcher.

Across the board, in Johnson’s book and other sources it seems pretty clear that creativity is messy.
Ideas need to be sloshing around or crashing in to one another to produce breakthroughs:

Johnson cites research showing that the volume of ideas bouncing about make large cities disproportionately more creative than smaller towns.
Having multiple hobbies allows your brain to subconsciously compare and contrast problems and solutions, forming new connections at the margins of each.
Similarly, reading multiple books at the same time vs serially lets your brain juxtapose new ideas and develop new connections.
Wandering minds are more creative.

Tuesday 12 May 2015

Breaking News -Earthquake Struck NEPAL Again

More than a thousand people have been injured and many dozens killed in Nepal after the poor mountain nation was hit by a second strong earthquake, just weeks after the disaster that killed more than 8,000 people and destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes.

The US Geological Survey said the second quake had a magnitude of 7.3 and struck 42 miles (68km) west of the town of Namche Bazaar, close to Mount Everest. It was followed closely by at least six strong aftershocks. Shockwaves were felt as far away as the Indian capital, Delhi, and Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

The district of Sindhupalchok, one of the worst-hit areas in last month’s earthquake, suffered significant damage. Krishna Gyawali, the most senior local bureaucrat, said eight people had been killed in the district and more than 100 injured.

The 6 Things You Need To Know To Be Great in Business- Mark Cuban

There are no shortcuts in business.  In order to be successful there are some things that you must know.  These are not all of them by a long shot, but IMHO they are 6 of the most important

1. Know how to sell.

Selling means being able to convey why your product or service, which may be you if you are looking for a job,  will make things better. Selling is never about convincing. It is always about helping.

2. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer

If you know how to put the person you are dealing with in a position to succeed, you can be successful. In order to do this, you must be able to quickly understand the needs and demands of that person and those of the company(s) they work for or with.  Every person and industry is different.  This is something that comes from investing incredible amounts of time to understand different industries , businesses, roles, and what has made them work and not work.

It is a never ending process of learning about what companies need.  What people in those companies need and how they work. If you don’t understand what it takes to make the people and companies you work with better, you don’t understand how to be successful

3.  Know as much as you can about technology

The beautiful thing about technology is that it changes every day.  Look at any tech you can see today or have ever seen. Any tech you have read about. It was invented by someone(s). They know the product better than everyone.  On the day that it is released, you are as knowledgeable about that  technology as anyone else in the world.  From there its just about effort to keep learning.

If you are one of the few people that know the new technologies, you are in a unique position to put yourself in the shoes of your customer(s) and determine if the new technology can be of benefit.  New technologies enable change and where there is change there is opportunity.  Its up to you to figure out  what that opportunity is.


In the survey of more than 66,000 women in the US, American men were voted into the fourth spot, after coming in sixth place during last year's poll.
But out of the thousands of women questioned, the nationality deemed most alluring was Irish, a result which has been attributed to the huge success of popular film 50 Shades of Grey, which starred Irish heartthrob Jamie Dornan.
The Irish were quickly followed by Australian men, with Miss Travel naming Chris Hemsworth, 31, and his 25-year-old brother Liam as being two of the country's sexiest males.
Pakistani men, such as Zayn Malik, came in third place, while English men, including 40-year-old David Beckham, made up the top five.

Scottish, Italian, Nigerian, Danish and Spanish fellas also cracked the top ten.
Last year, Brazilian women got the top spot, while Aussie men were most popular.
The website, MissTravel, is designed to attracted two types of member: 'generous' members and 'attractive members'.
The idea is that the generous members - male - pay for the attractive members - female - to join them on exotic and glamorous trips around the world.

Sunday 10 May 2015

George Clooney Pledges To Help Hillary Clinton Her 2016 Campaign

George Clooney, who once called Hillary Clinton the 'most polarizing figure in American politics', has pledged to help her 'in whatever way he can' with her 2016 presidential campaign.
During a recent interview, the 54-year-old actor said that he 'would be very happy if she was president'.
As Clinton advisers have set a goal of raising $100million for the primary campaign, Clooney's full support could be tremendous for the former Secretary of State's campaign, according to Fusion.

Saturday 9 May 2015

It's Official: Christina Milian Is Dating Lil Wayne

The secret's officially out!

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight to promote the release of her new music video, Christina Milian finally confirmed her relationship with Lil Wayne.

When asked if she's in love with the rapper, Milian said, "He's very special to me, yeah," with a smile. And although she's not tuning out the faint ringing of wedding bells – "You never know, love does inspire beautiful things like that, right?" she asked with a laugh – for now the singer is just taking things one day at a time.


Emmanuel Adebayor has said that there will be more revelations to come regading his family, following his Facebook rant earlier this week.
The Togolese striker made a string of claims about his family’s treatment towards him, including their greed and constant demands for money.

He has now said there is more to come, and that people should keep an eye on his Facebook page.
“What I have written is the truth”, he told the Sun. “I don’t tell lies. Keep reading my Facebook page because I will be writing more. It has been going on for too long. I can’t take it any more”.
He added on Facebook and Instagram: “When the time is right Rotimi Adebayor’s story will come out in Part2”.

Friday 8 May 2015

Kanye West LEAVES Roc Nation Management ,To Be Managed By KRIS JENNER!!!

Kanye West has OFFICIALLY dropped Jay Z's Roc Nation as his management team . . . and his new manager, is mother-in-law Kris Jenner.

According to a TOP MTO INSIDER, we're told that there was friction between Jay Z and Kanye West for some time. . . but Kanye hoped that he could fix the situation. The insider explained, "Kanye was not feeling respected at Roc Nation. They told his he'd have a joint album with Rihanna - then they took it away. They said he'd have a joint tour with Jay Z - then they took that away." And the LAST STRAW - is when Roc Nation CANCELLED Kanye's proposed tour with Rihanna.

Rapper Fabulous Allegedly Dumped Pregnant Girlfriend Emily B For Pretty College Student!!!

According to Media Takeout, an Atlanta woman named Crystal Nicole who has been acting on been LOW KEY STALKING her on social media for a while, having been posting pictures of herself and Fabulous in various events.
However, during the weekend, it was noticed that both this woman and Fabulous posted same pictures from the Mayweather fight at the MGM Grand on their social media..

Also, if you go to her page, you'll notice that in none of her pics does she show who's she's with.

Thursday 7 May 2015

Chris Brown Found Strange Naked Women In His Bed

According to TMZ, Chris Brown came home Wednesday night to find a naked woman in his bed ... problem is he had no idea who she was ... so he called the cops and they carted her away.
Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... CB returned to his home in Agoura Hills, CA with his security team around 9:00 PM when he found a woman's clothes in the foyer and "I LOVE YOU" spray painted on the kitchen counter.

We're told when Chris and his team went to investigate, they found the unknown/unclothed woman in his bed. Chris called the cops, who came and cuffed the woman and took her to the station, where she was booked for felony burglary and felony vandalism.

Nigeria’s Boko Haram in Disarray

According to Yahoo News -Boko Haram is fracturing as shortages of weapons and fuel foment tensions between its foot soldiers and leaders, women rescued from the Islamist jihadi fighters by Nigerian troops told Reuters.

The group abducted an estimated 2,000 women and girls last year as it sought to carve out an Islamic state in the northeast of Africa’s biggest economy. The army has freed nearly 700 in the past week as it advances on Boko Haram's last stronghold in the vast Sambisa forest.

The militants began complaining to their captives about lacking guns and ammunition last month, two of the women said, and many were reduced to carrying sticks while some of their vehicles were either broken down or lacked gasoline.

A 45-year old mother of two, Aisha Abbas, who was taken from Dikwa in April, said the fighters all had guns at first but recently, only some carried them.

Even the wife of their captors' leader, Adam Bitri, openly criticized him and subsequently fled, two of the women said, with one describing Bitri as short and fat with a beard.

Of 275 freed captives brought to a government-run camp for internally displaced people in the Malkohi hamlet on the outskirts of Adamawa state capital, Yola, only 61 were over 18, and many small children hobbled around visibly malnourished.