Thursday 2 July 2015

Caitlyn Jenner -- Bringing Folks Together Since 2015

Brody Jenner -- who would've thought that somebody from "The Hills" would become this insightful and un-obnoxious later on in life?

During a recent interview about Caitlyn Jenner, Brody -- who's not had a terribly long history of getting along with his parent -- had this to say:

"I've known Bruce for a long time and I didn't really get along with Bruce -- Caitlyn I get along with a little more, because Caitlyn is actually who she really is and she's living her life finally now as the person that she always was. ... What are my thoughts on the transition? It's incredible. I think that it's probably one of the most historical things that's happened in a long [time].' ... Be yourself. And if you're not accepted by your family, there will be people who will accept you.''

There you have it, folks. A new page in society has been turned, and in a surprising turn of events, it's actually a whole new chapter. Enjoy it and embrace it -- or, if you're sadly on the other side of the fence with this issue, get over it and make peace with it -- because there's only more love and acceptance coming down the pike.

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