Thursday 23 July 2015

Terminally ill Six-Year-Old Given Honorary High School Diploma (Highly Touching)

A terminally ill six-year-old boy has been given an honorary diploma from a local high school during their graduation ceremony.
Jordan Planitz suffers from MPPH (Megalencephaly, Polymicrogyria, Polydactyly and Hydrocephalus) – a rare and terminal neurological syndrome.
While it is unlikely little Jordan will see his own graduation, kind students at the Tri-City High School in Illinois invited him along to their ceremony.

They had gotten to know Jordan during the ‘principal for a day’ initiative started by the now ex-principal Dustin Day, which allowed sick children to come in and act as the school’s head for a day.
Jordan’s mother, Deanna told ABC News: ‘Jordan was invited, and we went and met the most amazing senior class that you’ll ever come across.

‘They took care of him all day, surrounded him going up and down stairs. It was a wonderful experience.’
Jordan’s has cogitative difficulties due to his illness and has trouble walking up and down stairs.

Flanked by three senior students, Jordan took to the stage to receive his honorary high-school diploma during the ceremony.
Students rose to their feet and applauded as the smiling youngster gleefully grasped his scroll wearing a gown and even mortarboard.

While Jordan was delighted with the honour, mum Deanna, who wept as her son’s name was announced, described watching him receive it as a ‘bittersweet’ experience.
‘I was watching all of these high school students getting up, receiving their diplomas and sitting down and knew that I won’t have that,’ she said.

‘All Jordan knew that day was that he was on stage and everybody was standing and clapping for him. It was one of the most tearful and emotional days of my life.’

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