Thursday 12 April 2012


Where is Kennis music (Kenny and D1)?

The above question was prompted from a discussion I had with a friend who told me she had abandoned her recording business to other forms of business simply because majority of artistes have gone self-producing (producing and mixing sounds themselves with the aid of readily available free software online) and the business is becoming more polluted.

Kenny and D1 are duo that dominated, dazzled, turned around and redefined the Nigeria Music Industry in the late 90s to early 2000. They gave the industry the present face as they increased the level of acceptance of Nigeria music within and outside Africa.

Kenny and Dayo (D1) started their careers from being radio presenters and sequentially graduated to music producers by producing the most sought after artistes on African planet. Artistes like 2face, Tony Tetula, Idris Abudlkareem, Face and other notable artistes were parts of their discoveries and nurturing.

However, the present music industry is not feeling the impacts of these guys again and their recording label is less active.
·         Where is Kenny and D1?
·         What is happening to Kenny music?
·         Why are we not having artistes from this label dominating the industry again?
·         Is ID (ID on the street) still on the street as usual?



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  2. D1 recording
    This also needs to be from the bottom and not just the top. We need to get ordinary workers to understand that they cannot rely on the Government, the law or their employers to keep them safe at work. They can only rely on their union (for all our faults) and community organisations such as Hazards and FACK.