Friday 15 July 2016

12 Quick Weight Loss Tips

1.     Eat More Fruits And Vegetables
Fruits and vegetables are the perfect foods to lose weight quickly because they are low in calories and fat. They are also high in fiber which not only aids in digestion, but also keeps your stomach feeling full so that you eat and snack less.

While fruits and vegetables such as potatoes, peas, corn, bananas and avocados are high in calories, do not avoid them completely because they contain essential nutrients for overall good health.

To incorporate them into your weight loss diet, combine various fruits and vegetables in each serving.

Other health benefits of fruits and vegetables includes a boost to your immune system enabling it to flush out toxins in the body efficiently.

2.     Take Frequent Walks
Walking is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to lose weight fast without dieting, and of course, it requires no gym equipment.
While walking at any speed will help you to lose weight, you can accelerate weight loss by walking at a faster pace of between 5 to 6 kilometers per hour. Research shows that if you walk at a speed of 5km/h, you will burn about 200 calories every 30 minutes.
Frequent walking also boosts vitamin D levels, improve moods, strengthens your heart and is an energy booster!

3.     Stick To A Low Carbohydrate Diet
Eat foods that are low on sugars and starches. A low carb diet reduces blood pressure blood sugar, bad cholesterol (Low Density Lipoprotein) and triglycerides (fats), while increasing good cholesterol (High Density Lipoprotein) which is needed in your body.
A diet low on carbohydrates also reduce insulin production, which causes the body to burn more fat instead of storing it. Low insulin also results in elimination of excess water and sodium which cause frequent bloating.
You should avoid a high carb diet such as spaghetti and white rice because these processed foods are digested at a very fast pace to simple sugars, eventually making you feel hungry often.

4.     High Protein Low Carb Diet
To shed off the pounds, ensure your daily food servings is made up of 3 foods: proteins, healthy fats such as coconut oil and low carb vegetables.
Proteins are important to your health because they boost metabolism resulting in more calorie usage, reduces the urge to snack at night and keep you feeling full so that you eat less. Good sources of protein include eggs, chicken, fish and lean meat.
Low carb vegetables are rich in minerals such as iron required for blood formation, calcium for strong bones and teeth, magnesium required for protein synthesis and antioxidants which prevents free radical development. This include vegetables such as pumpkin, eggplant, tomato, broccoli, cucumber, celery, cabbage and green leafy vegetables such as lettuce and kale.

5.     Limit Fat Foods
Fats may have a negative connotation, but the truth is not all fats are harmful. Some types of  fats are needed for our body, though unhealthy fats should be avoided.
Good fats provide the essential fatty acid that your body cannot produce on its own, and good fats are needed to absorb vitamin A, D, E, and K  into your bloodstream. Beneficial fats also help control blood clotting and inflammation, and contribute to healthy hair and skin. Examples of good fats that are essential in your weight loss diet plan include plant-based and seed oils such as canola, coconut, olive, flax seeds, walnut, soybean, avocado and nut butters.
Bad fats on the other hand result in obesity, cancer and heart disease. These fats are found in whole milk, cream, butter, cheese, meat with high fat content like bacon, fats in fried food, margarine, lard and ice cream. Avoid these food if you are serious about shedding weight.

6.     Get 8 Hours Of Sleep
Quality sleep is important for the body and mind to repair and rejuvenate. Research shows that people who sleep for 5 hours or less per night weigh more than those who sleep 8 hours per night
Lack of sleep has also been associated with type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke. People who sleep less produce less of leptin, a hormone that suppresses appetite and burns fat. Less leptin causes you to eat more and store more body fat.

7.     Cut On Salt
Salt has the potential of causing water retention in the body which results in weight gain, through a process called osmosis. Too much salt also results in high blood pressure.

8.     Always Eat High Protein Breakfast
Starting the day with a high protein breakfast is a healthy way to lose weight. This is because proteins stimulate the release of Peptide YY, a hormone in the gut that curbs appetite and causes the stomach to feel full, thus preventing food cravings and overeating.

9.     Don’t Skip Meals
Skipping meals as a way of dieting to lose weight is a mistake that most people make. If you skip a meal, especially breakfast, the body starts the day low in sugar. As a result, you will experience frequent hunger pangs, ultimately resulting in more consumption of food.

10.     Drink More Water
Water acts as an appetite suppressant. Drinking water before meals keeps the stomach full such that you are likely to eat less. Water also boosts our metabolism resulting in efficient digestion and less bloating.

The liver, one of our major organs, require adequate amounts of water to metabolize fat. Drinking at least 6 to 8 glasses of water will also keeps you hydrated and increased energy levels throughout the day.

11.     Drink Green Tea
Incorporate green tea in your diet to boost immunity, keep you hydrated and help to prevent cancer.

Taking green tea during meals aids in the digestion process. Green tea also contains a compound called EGCG which speeds up metabolism and acts as a natural appetite suppressant to reducing hunger pangs.

12.     Serve In Smaller Plates

On your ‘rest days’ when you are eating unhealthy food, have them served in smaller plates to trick your mind and stomach into feeling full with less food.


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