Sunday 27 May 2012


With reference to one of our articles titled: ‘WHAT IS SO OLIVER ABOUT D’BANJI OLIVER TWIST VIDEO?, I think the song Oliver Twist has continued to meet expectations and acceptance within and outside Nigeria especially in UK where is becoming an anthem for the youth.

If you think this lad (D’Banj) cannot break through the foreign entertainment sector, then wait and see the appended video which is an evidence of his growing acceptance in United Kingdom. According to the reporter, D’Banj is already a super star in his native country Nigeria but in London he is relatively known and that is about to change.

He was received with accolade when he visited the Plumsted school manors as majority of the students were familiar with the lyrics and dance steps of Oliver twist.
Here at LL (LasgidiLife) we believe that is presence in UK is about to be stamped and established as his Oliver Twist single is not only climbing the chart but has continued to be remixed by different foreign musicians and djs. Give it to this guy as he knows how to entertain and make his audience smile.

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