Tuesday 22 May 2012


I am a chronic fan of Chelsea and I believe so much in the club as well as the team. Either Chelsea is doing well or not, it doesn’t affect my passion and love for this club because I’m completely addicted to the club. I think, sleep and dream of Chelsea knowing fully well that it is a club that will make me proud anytime anywhere.

At the beginning of the EPL (English Premiership League), the club looks hopeless, useless, non-productive but that was when my love for the club was at the peak because my friends, colleagues (especially) and pals are expecting me to decamp and follow United, Arsenal or City. At the end of EPL, which club smiles the most? Chelsea.

Look Nigeria situation will be like that of this club, at the beginning and now the situation of this country might seems hopeless and clouded with uncertainty but God will raise a leader like Roberto Di Matteo (president), who will use people like Drogba (member of cabinet) to eliminate those that are walloping the wealth of the nation and bring them to justice so that at the end the cry of the masses will be crown with victory and celebration (in terms of better economy, good standard of living and good governance).

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