Wednesday 25 June 2014


If you watch this advert and you were not moved by the brain, the concept, the imagination and the creativity behind it then there is nothing that could be so innovative to you in this world anymore. This advert will definitely leave a remarkable landmark in the history of all adverts.
See video below:

Coke-Cola is not a brand but an innovating brand that have stood the test of time leaving behind others that are called Rivals.

This advert is one of the most innovating concepts in a recent time by any organizations within the ranks of Coca-Cola.

The company is thinking out of box to satisfy the needs of its endless customers all over the world by getting them connected and happy to hear the voices of their loved ones all over the world.

This advert by Coca-Cola is tagged ‘Hello Happiness Phone Booth’, a phone booth that accepts coke caps instead of the usual coins and also migrants workers in Dubai to call and get connected to their loved ones. The ad breaks new ground in that it directly addresses global economic inequality, the exploitation of low-wage labour and the hardship faced by millions of predominantly men trying to support their families in their homelands.

It is more than Innovation, it is Human Nature abridged through Technology.

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