Friday 13 September 2013


The war of words between the major players of the Economic and financial crime commission reached a crescendo yesterday, as former czar of the anti corruption agency, Nuhu Ribadu threw his hat into the ring, with his boxing gloves to battle her successor, Mrs. Farida Waziri. Ribadu expressed his displeasure on some comments

made by Waziri in her interview faulted the claim that he worked under her. He stated that the reverse was the case, as he was the one who taught Waziri; “This is a naked lie that she keeps flaunting to seek undue relevance and validate her appointment. At no time in my career did I work under the same section or unit as her. In fact, contrary to Waziri’s claim that she “trained” me, it was I who actually lectured her and others on fraud investigation and prosecution, when she was newly posted as head of special fraud unit, even though he was my senior in rank. I was then head of prosecution tribunals under the leadership of Mr. Sunday Ehindero, then CP Legal” he said.

He denied Waziri’s claim of Obasanjo using him to prosecute his third term agenda. On it, he said; “It was also uncharitable of her to have insinuated that EFCC was used to push for third term agenda. She was nowhere close to know what we did. We actually halted our works on the politically exposed persons throughout the period of the third term debacle to insulate the commission”, he said in the statement.

He frowned at Waziri’s statement which undermined the men and women who staked their lives in the course of their duties, considering the fact that she made the EFCC a laughing stock under her leadership.

“EFCC was not about Ribadu. Rubbishing its work therefore is like insulting all the thousands of its operatives across the country who put their lives on the line to make Nigeria a better country. If Mrs. Waziri has a personal score to settle with anybody, she should direct her attack at the person, not the organization”, he said in the statement personally signed by him

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