Wednesday 25 September 2013


Imam Abubakau , Leader of the Boko Haram group say he is alive and not dead as claimed by the Nigeria Military forces.
Shekau who spoke in a new Video where he was wearing army uniform and surrounded by his fellow terrorists said the Boko Haram crises is far from over.

“The world should know that I can not die except by the will of Allah.
I have told you that all that I do is prescribed by the Quran. The essence of it is to carry out the injunctions.
Don’t bother yourselves stopping me because I cannot be stopped. The war is more grievous than you think, and it will consume you all.

I swear by Allah that there will be no democracy in Nigeria. We are going to rise against it and we shall soon defeat it. The concept of government of the people by the people, for the people cannot continue to exist.

It shall soon, and very soon, be replaced by ‘Government of Allah, by Allah for Allah’.

It was said that I was killed, but here I am; I deliberately refused to respond on time; but here I am talking and laughing at Nigerian authority who misled the world that I am dead. I believe by now Lt Col Sagir Musa, who issued the statement of my death should bury his head in shame; President Jonathan should bury his head in shame; President Barrack Obama should bury his head in shame, Queen Elizabeth of England should bury her self in shame; President François Hollande should bury his head in shame, that the man thought dead is still kicking’.”

reference: pointblank

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