Monday 16 September 2013


A woman three years ago posted on her Facebook page: I can’t take it any more!!!!!!!!! Her family and friends, didn't answer the post, she had two likes and no comments..... Hours later they found her and her kids dead! She committed suicide and killed her children. If one person would have commented on her post or family would have took out the time to contact her maybe she would still be alive... Stop adding people if your going to pass there status up and not help or encourage them! To all the family members don't claim you love God and not loving your own blood. If Family would do their job it wouldn't be a need for Facebook or Friends. Family suppose to encourage you, fight for you, feed you when your hungry, house you when your homeless, pray for you.... Family will take in a stranger before their own blood. Family talk about you quicker than the world will. Stop!!!! You got people walking around looking just you and cant take two seconds to inbox them or encourage them when you post. Your foundation starts with your back ground, its time to get it Right !

Ladrika Roberts

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