Friday 13 September 2013


The Bale look

1.  Dolce & Gabbana T-shirt - £122
Bale has gone for the T-shirt look compared to Ronaldo's more formal attire, but possibly only those two could afford the whopping price-tag of Dolce & Gabbana.
2.  Louis Vuitton washbag - £420
Every professional footballer worth his weight has to have a luxury washbag in one arm as they walk into the training ground. They just look wrong without it. Conditioner, hair gel and aftershave are a must.
3.  Dolce & Gabbana jeans - £355
The battle between the star pair continues below the belt with Bale choosing a grey shade to match his hoodie. He does beat Ronaldo on price, that is if spending more is the object.
4.  Carrier bag (5p in Wales)
From October 2011, all plastic bags in Wales carry a 5p charge to try and reduce amount used. It seems to have worked, as Bale has taken his all the way from the UK to Madrid.
5.  Hoodie brand - unknown
On this front Bale has gone for the slightly maverick look. Having come from Cardiff, he will take time to adapt to the heat of Spain where jumpers aren't necessary.
Total = £902

The Ronaldo look
1.  Chrome Heart Sunglasses - £552
Ronaldo is rarely seen without sunglasses when off the field and sometimes looks like he could happily play with them on, too. Theses aren't your bog-standard Specsavers pair, however. He could have bought 552 Chelseas back in 1982 with this money.
2.  Gucci washbag - £265
When it comes to his toiletries, Ronaldo has gone for the cheap-skate look. Only £265. That's barely a bottle of shower gel compared to Bale's £420. 
3.  Dolce & Gabbana belt - £450
He may shirk the high prices when it comes to washbags, but not on belts. Ronaldo proudly shows off his £450 Dolce and Gabbana whereas Bale can just stand and admire.
4.  Jacob and Co watch - £10,600
Ronaldo models for Jacob and Co, proudly showing off his orange watch-face on their website. He's not known for ever being late, although that may have more to do with his Ferrari collection.
5.  DSquared jeans - £325
Again coming in at slightly less than Bale, Ronaldo was wearing the traditional blue coloured jeans, tatty by design, but smart enough to be taken seriously. Expect Bale to ditch the grey within the coming weeks.
6.  Shirt brand - unknown
Rolling up the sleeves in a casual way (yet they are perfectly symmetrical), Ronaldo appears laid back and stylish at the same time. The 'modern man' look.
Total = £12,192  (£1,592 without the watch)

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