Friday 6 July 2012


I am truly touched. I am happy when people like u appreciate me instead of this CORRUPT FGN because I refused to bow to their demand. Yes, I was and still pained by Ghaddafi’s death. He was a great man and I will never forget about by 20 minutes with him where he quickly approved on the spot $14.2M USD to host my Guinness World Record fight in Tripoli, Libya and asked that all the profit from the Pay Per View and TV rights should go to Nigeria but 2 days later trouble started in Benghazi and the rest is academic. 

While in my own JUNGLE called Nigeria, the DG, NATIONAL SPORTS COMMISSION, PATRICK EKEJI made a demand of $5M USD from the $14.2M USD before the money is released or no deal. I refused to kowtow to his demand and wrote a letter to President GEJ to report the matter and on Feb 16, 2010 GEJ wrote me a letter to praise me to high heaven for the respect and honour which my career has brought to Nigeria and that my matter was receiving DUE attention. 

It is now over 2 years and nothing has happened. IN OUR GREAT JUNGLE CALLED NIGERIA, CORRUPTION RULES. But right now am working underground to put the money together so I can host this historic event in Nigeria. This fight would be seen LIVE in 132 countries on Pay Per View TV by an estimated audience of between 10-12 million people at the rate of $50 per viewer for a minimum profit of $500M USD, 9 Sports Academies with Olympic size swimming pool and a Sports Manufacturing Equipment Factory would be built in Nigeria FOC and a DG says if he does not get $5M USD the show will not happen and GEJ knows about it and nothing is happening and they tell us they are fighting corruption and that they love us. 

Meanwhile, visit and scroll down to info on the GWR FIGHT. My brother, with people like u in my corner, this historic event MUST hold in this JUNGLE called Nigeria and at the end all these CORRUPT people will stand up and applaud and say BASH ALI, OON, U ARE VERY GREAT.

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