Monday 28 April 2014


Am The Man and The Answer To All Top 7 Teams on EPL
José Mourinho says his team played brilliantly after Chelsea defeated league leaders Liverpool on Sunday. Mourinho says his team has no chance of winning the Premier League title and says either Manchester City or Liverpool will be the champions this season. Chelsea are second in the league table and play Norwich City on 4 May

Asked if Chelsea represented the most negative visitors to Anfield this season, the Liverpool manager replied: "I'm not going to say. This game will prepare us for Crystal Palace. We will have to deal with long balls forward which we did very well today and we will have to deal with long throw-ins and got the chance to do that today. I can't fault the players, we just didn't find the breakthrough. Credit to Chelsea for that, they sat in really deep. There were probably two buses parked today instead of one."

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"It was disappointing," he added. "I think they got a booking for time-wasting in the 92nd minute [Ashley Cole] but you could see from the first whistle that the plan was to frustrate. Teams work in a different way. We are a team that tries to win in a sporting manner, that tries to initiate the game with the ball. Today it just wasn't to be. Whether it was time-wasting or whatever it doesn't matter. We lost the game and we move on to the next game.

"I am very proud of the players. All the money that has been spent at the top end of the league and we are two points clear of Chelsea. If we win our last two games we will finish above them and maybe Manchester City. There is still a way to go. Manchester City now will feel they can go on and win their games. For us, we will just recover now and focus on our next game."

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