Friday 25 April 2014


Erin captures the Nigerian story perfectly.
In-spite of all the negative news coming out of Nigeria there is still hope-----Erin Burnett

My Point About The Above Video:

The pictures the rest of the world are getting about Nigeria are not truly what the great Nation is all about despite that certain things and situations might not be appropriate or absurd, yet the country Nigeria is a great nation as a whole.

Every nation or economy has her positive and the negative sides though some nations manage and polish their images than others either due to good governance, vast resources, technological advancement and citizens’ readiness to make it work.

I believe with time and positive political changes as well as growing economy, my country Nigeria will metamorphose to a Nation loved and envied by all Nations. A Nation where investors will be begging to have permission to invest and tourists will pick as destination for vacations. A nation where peace will be the order of the day as it used to be. A nation where there is no discrimination among citizens and foreigners.

All I know is that the major holocaust in Nigeria at the moment and for a while is Leadership but sooner or later it will be a thing of the past and a true and charismatic Leader (and not a President) will emerge to put things that are absolutely wrong in right manners. However, this journey to good Leadership starts with every Nigerian that is either within or outside that beautiful and populous nation called Nigeria.

Video: Erin Burnett

Adetunji Oduduwa

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