Sunday 6 April 2014

Brief Breakdown Of All The Black Lives Sean Combs Has Destroyed!

This is totally an interesting piece. Don’t get mad at me for sharing it. Shout out to Gator King and the for this breakdown. -Vic Da Ruler

1991-Nine students at City College of New York killed during stampede from overbooked event

1995-Jake Robles killed in Atlanta at the Platinum House (Allegedly by Anthony Wolf Jones Puff’s right hand man)

1996-2Pac allegedly killed by Southside Crips as revenge for a beating that was revenge for a Death Row chain being snatched for a Sean Combs bounty

1997-Notorious B.I.G. killed in Los Angeles as revenge for murders of Pac and Jake Robles

1998-After penning and recording several multi platinum hits attempts to pay The Lox with fresh pairs of matching Air Force 1′s

1999-Steve Stoute brutally attacked with champagne bottles and turned from a stand up man into Mr. Scarf Hands
1999-Ma$e leaves label at peak of his popularity after repeated alleged homosexual advances and becomes a bootleg T.D. Jakes

2000-Multiple shooting at Club New York in Manhattan after throwing money in the face of gangsters. Black woman loses eye.

2001-Jamal ‘Shyne’ Barrow sentenced to 10 years in prison for saving Puffy’s life. Would later be deported.

2002- MTV Making Da Band. The list of tragedies probably deserve its own thread

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