Tuesday 12 June 2012


They never ceased to amuse Nigerians with their questionable acts as they continue to mislead and mismanage the Nation’s wealth.

Before the Chairman Zeon oil (Otedola) accused him of bribery allegation, he (Lawan Farouk)denied to the bone marrow that he never collected any bride from oil marketer regarding the investigation he chairman. 

Until Otedola accused him of obtaining $600,000, he maintained the fact that he did not meet with or receive any bribe from anybody. He further stated that the video and audio evidence against him were doctored to damage his (false) reputation.

However, in today’s newspaper Lawan Farouk admitted he collected the aforementioned amount but with the aim of exposing Otedola. Farouk and his counterpart that were involved in this scandalous bribery issue were of the opinion that they informed the acting Inspector General (IG) of Police, Mohammed Abubakar about Odetola intent to bride his way through the investigation.

Report has it that on Monday 11th May 2012 that the video evidence of the transaction between Otedola and Farouk was shown to the President Johnathan (the president who specializes in renaming a brand rather than building a brand), Vice-President Namadi Sambo, former President Olusegun Obasanjo, Senate President David Mark and House Speaker Aminu Tambuwal.

To further defend his act, Farouk stated that he did not involve the House because it would overshadow the essence of the fuel subsidy probe.

The issue is if Farouk intent was actually true, why the denial in the first place?
Was the evidence against  Farouk fabricated as he claimed?
How come  Farouk never involved the committee as a whole?

The most painful aspect of the saga is that at the end of the day all the people involved in this scandal will go free without being punish appropriately. This kind of phenomenon has continued to influence the growth of corruption among office holders as well as aspiring ones.

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