Wednesday 13 June 2012


Creating unbelievable attention is her natural skill. She is the queen of scandalous stage performance and all other young female musicians try to emulate her irrespective of what the press might say. Madonna has been the most notable female scandalous singer of all time when it comes to nudity and music (apart from being one of the best of all time). No doubt about it, she is naturally gifted and can carry along her audience to the brim of satisfaction without having regret for money spent on tickets.

Not less than a week ago, Madonna was reported flashing her nipple live on stage. This was the most talked about entertainment gist over the week.  She is not moved by her critics, she does her thing (s) the way that pleases her. Recently she capped this with another outrageous act that could not be over-looked by the press.

According to report, the veteran pop star took to the stage in Rome last night and instead of flashing her breast, this time she slipped off her trousers and showed off her bum to the audience.

During her song Human Nature, the tune during which she slipped her nipple out in Istanbul, she stripped off her microphone pack and unbuttoned her trousers, turned round, pulled them down and flashed her G-string clad derriere to the audience at the Stadio Olimpico.

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