Friday 15 June 2012


The alleged brawl between Chris Brown and Drake "got really out of control really fast."
Chris and Drake are said to have clashed in New York City nightclub WIP in the early hours of Thursday.

The music stars have had a strained relationship for some time over Rihanna, as there is speculation that the Bajan singer cheated on Chris with Drake during their tumultuous relationship.

An eyewitness was taken aback by the fierceness of the skirmish.
"Drake and Chris Brown fought over Rihanna last night and it was insane!" a source told Radar Online. "Drake threw a bottle and things got really messy. Meek Mill was there with Drake and even threw the club's iconic face statue."
"There was blood all over. Both of their entourages got involved and it all got really out of control really fast. The club was unrecognisable afterwards!"

Apparently cameras recorded the struggle.
"The entire fight was captured on film," the source detailed.
Chris is still on felony probation for assaulting Rihanna at the Grammys years ago.

"This could be big trouble for Chris Brown if the club owner turns over the video to cops," the insider detailed. "Chris maintains that he was only acting in self-defence and feared for his safety. Since no when reported any injuries or has followed up with a police report, he's hopeful that this will blow over."

Drake's representatives told website TMZ that the rapper "did not participate in any wrongdoing of any kind last night at WIP."

Reference: Telegraph

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