Wednesday 13 June 2012


According to an online report, Rihanna needs to visit the rehab for drinking and partying on most nights irrespective of the country she is.
Rihanna’s friends and Jay-Z have advised the talented singer to seek the necessary help before it’s too late. Jay-Z has also threatened to end Rihanna’s contract on his label if she doesn’t get her life in order.

The seriousness of this behavior by Rihanna was at peak when she missed her flight to UK for a concert. Rihanna claimed the trip was cancelled due to ill-health while claiming that she only needed more time with her family especially her grandmother Dolly who is suffering from cancer.

Jay-Z told her:  "Go to rehab now or I'll drop you from the label". She's not happy, but she now feels she has no choice.

A friend of Rihanna stated that the 24-year-old singer has reached her breaking point and desperately needs help and time off from work and other stresses in her life.


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