Thursday 21 June 2012


Was this statement out of experience, frustration or the real thing going on in the Nollywood circle?

According to news circulated on the web, Shan George who was one of the most prolific actresses ever to come out Nollywood spat with anger the statement that lot of married actresses in Nollywood are gracing the bed of other men apart from their husbands- something Dru Hill called ‘Somebody Sleeping In My Bed’.

According to her statement as quoted below:
“Most married actresses in the industry sleep around like dogs and nobody is talking about it. Theses are the people who have been lured to bed with whiff of money by the top politicians and bizmen. These same people will be claiming to be happily married feign love to their husbands.”

However, several comments and reactions have emanated from the angles of married actresses and others in the Nollywood regarding Shan’s comment. To some, Shan George is probably acting out of frustrated divorced life of which she married four times but all disappeared into the thin air. They urge her to mention names of actresses she has caught sleeping around and if she truly knows about this act, then she must be part of this.
At the moment she is a single lady though she claimed she had never been caught by any of her ex-husband sleeping around.

How come she knows about the dirty acts?
What is her source?
is she as holy and innocent as she claims?

Birds of a feather flock together

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