Tuesday 5 June 2012


They never thought boarding that plane might be the end to their activities and existence on earth.
They boarded with the hope that they going to their various destinations to meet their loved ones.
Some with the mind of coming to Lagos to continue their businesses
While some are returning to resume office the next day
Even the occupants of the houses that were affected by the crash never thought death was close by

The rich among them didn’t know that day might be their last
To some that might be their first flight ever
Among them might be the unmarried thinking about when they will be taken to the altar
While some might be thinking about when they will be awarded the contract they submitted in Abuja
Among them are those with their loved ones thinking that soon they will be at home (home sweet home)
Among them are house owners in Abuja
While we also have the innocent kids on board rally round their folks
The questions you should ask yourself are:
Where are the rich today?
Where are those that squander the wealth of this nation?
Where are those that are more beautiful than you?
Where are those that are more intelligent beyond your imagination?
Where are the singles that are worried about who will take them to the altar?
Where are those that are wealthy but touch not the life of the less privilege?
As a leader what footprint are you leaving?
As a father/mother what will the children say about you?
As a manager what kind of impacts are you making in your company?

Imagine what is like having someone among the victims
Imagine what is like being a friend to one of the victims
Imagine life without them

The luxury of life that you have at your disposal is just a privilege bestow on you by the creator and not because you are Intelligent, Good, Rich, Crafty, Beautiful, Handsome, Religious, All knowing or you are Leader that lacks integrity.
It is simply just by His Grace
Live your life in ways that have meaningful impacts on others
Love, Appreciate, Forgive and Value others

Think about this as you live today because tomorrow might be too late
Life is just a gift, a privilege and not what you have within your control.

May the souls of the deceased continue to Rest in peace while we continue to make this world a better place for all.


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