Thursday 21 June 2012


According to The Daily Express a seven-year-old girl who was in coma after suffering from a brain haemorrage and strokes woke up after hearing a tune by singer Adele.

Doctors had warned Charlotte's mother Leila that the coma was terminal and it was time to consider performing the last rites.

As Leila climbed onto the hospital bed beside her daughter to give her a cuddle, she sang her one of their favourite songs, Rolling in the Deep by Adele.
As she sang, Charlotte suddenly began to smile. Within two days, the seemingly terminal girl was awake, speaking and even up and out of bed.
Two months on, Charlotte - from Trawden, Lancashire - has astonished doctors by learning to walk and talk, has regained partial sight and she's even gone back to school.
Her mother has been astounded by her recovery: "I thought I was going to lose my little girl. I climbed into her bed to give her a cuddle and Adele came on the radio. I stared singing to Charlotte because she loves her. Then she started smiling and I couldn't believe it. It was the first time she reacted to anything," the 31-year-old told The Daily Express.
"The nurses said it was like I unlocked her. From that day she started getting better and better. Charlotte is so determined and brave," she added.

Listen to the appended song, maybe a fire will start in your heart to bring out the passion in you and make you do the indescribable.

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