Monday 14 July 2014

Top 10 Luxury Cars That Rappers Love

Rappers love luxury – it’s a huge part of their genetic makeup. Plus it really goes hand in hand with the rags to riches career trajectory that these rappers experience in their lifetimes. One day you could be down to your last dollar, eating cheap food for your daily existence– and the next day, you might have a huge #1 smash hit that allows you to tour the entire world. And of course when the money starts stacking up, it’s time to buy expensive and lavish toys. Here are the top 10 luxury vehicles that rappers ABSOLUTELY love.
Check the list of the cars below:

Rolls Royce:

From the outside looking in, one might think that a Rolls Royce, mainly because of its bulky shape, might not fit into the rapper lifestyle. But it actually fits perfectly, because it’s the kind of vehicle that when you’re slowly cruising through the neighbourhood, everybody sees you.

And isn’t that the point? Whether it’s a Rolls Royce Phantom or a Rolls Royce Ghost, these luxury vehicles are huge in Hip-Hop and popular rappers of the current scene like Rick Ross, Soulja Boy and Meek Mill all own these vehicles

Wherever you go in the world, the name Mercedes Benz represents heritage, quality and distinguished elegance. Whether it’s a sharp Mercedes C-class in Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin” video or a Mercedes S550 in Wale’s “600 Benz” video, these cars are absolutely loved by rappers. The boxy G-Wagons are also huge favorites of deep-pocketed rap stars. As a matter of fact, the former Black Eyed Peas frontman Will.I.Am splurged on a $200,000 plus Gullwing Mercedes Benz SLS AMG for his 36th birthday.


Most car enthusiasts already know that a Bugatti is the top of the line when it comes to speedy, luxury performance cars. A brand new 2013/14 Bugatti Veyron will cost you somewhere in the neighborhood (depending on the model) of $1.3 million. With that high price tag, it’s only natural that rappers will be totally attracted to it. Some of the biggest names in the rap industry who already own this vehicle include super rap stars like Drake and Lil Wayne. There was actually even a hit song last year by Flo Rida rapper Ace Hood called “Bugatti” which featured cameos by Future and Rick Ross.


The Bentley is another heritage British-made car that has enjoyed immense popularity in the rap game. Unlike the Rolls Royce, most Bentley models like The Continental, The GT and The Azure actually have sleek shapes with some very seductive curves. One of the more flashy Bentleys on the scene is the flashy pink Bentley owned by Queens rap queen Nicki Minaj. Atlanta rapper Future and his girlfriend Ciara also recently bought matching Bentley’s and the company just announced they will be releasing a Bentley SUV in 2016. You can be sure that a lot of rappers will definitely be on the waiting list to get that as soon as it’s available.

Cadillac Escalade:
There are not too many options with regards to automobiles when it comes to luxury made in America. But one of the few bastions of superior American engineering is the Cadillac Escalade. A brand new 2014 Escalade – fully kitted up will go for over $70,000 – and it’s another one of those rides that will certainly get you noticed on the streets. Even though it’s not even close to the most expensive car on this list, it’s showy enough to be a rapper’s car. Rappers like Andre 3000 and Joe Buddens have been known to have a penchant for this big-bodied American vehicle.


A brand new Ferrari Spider off the lot goes for a little over $900,000 – pretty close to a million. So it’s no wonder that this is a car that rappers absolutely love. If you really think about it – there’s nothing to hate about a Ferrari. They are sleek, speedy and totally sexy. Chris Brown is a proud owner of a Ferrari it’s also a favorite for Southern rappers like Young Jeezy, T.I. and Gucci Mane.


Now this is when you start to talk about the really cool cars that rappers obsess over. The Lamborghini is really the top of the line. The designs of these cars are so sleek and aero-dynamic ; they truly look like they really just arrived from the future. Whether it’s the Aventador or the Murcielago, these speedy vehicles are in very high demand – and mega rappers like Jeezy, Tyga and Akon own them. Very fine choice gentlemen


The Porsche brand is another pillar of German Engineering. When you mention Porsche editions like the Panamera or the Carrera, all true car enthusiasts know that you are speaking about undoubtable time-tested luxury and performance. Rappers like The Game and Wiz Khalifa are all huge lovers of Porsche automobiles and even the rapper Nelly had a recent hit song called “Hey Porsche.” The one featured in the Nelly video was a beautiful vintage Porsche 356 model.

Maybach is yet another German car manufacturer dedicated to creating the best in luxury automobiles for an elite clientele. The brand was owned by Daimler AG, and it was revived in 2002 to be an official revival to established names like Bentley and Rolls Royce. However the sales never really lived up to expectations and production was shut down in 2012. But that didn’t stop rappers from completely loving this vehicle. Rick Ross actually named his record label Maybach Music Group after the vehicle and DJ Khaled owns one too. Also Jay-Z and Kanye West put Maybach on the map in a big way when they wrecked one for charity for their popular “Otis” video

Aston Martin:

The Aston Martin is another sporty and very classy car that occupies a special place in the hearts of all car lovers. So much of its cherished history is based from the role this iconic car played in James Bond movies like Goldfinger and Thunderball. Whether its models like the Vanquish or the DB5, these cars are immensely popular and rapper/producer Swizz Beatz even owns a custom-designed Aston Martin.

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