Thursday 5 May 2016

Expect To See Me At Manchester United Next Season- Van Gaal

There has been intense speculation that Van Gaal would be replaced by Jose Mourinho once the season comes to an end.
But in his most-revealing interview of the season, the United boss said: “Of course I knew how hard this job would be. That is why they hired me and we have spoken about that.
“Also, we have a process of three years. I wanted to sign for two years, they wanted three years – not me. I signed for three years, so next year you see me again.”
Van Gaal also believes United could have been on the brink of winning the Premier League title – not today’s opponents Leicester – if his squad had not been so hard hit by injuries.
When asked if United would challenge for the league title next season and be in a similar position to the one Leicester are now, Van Gaal said: “You can never say that.

“I have respect for the results of Leicester City but I can only speak about facts.
“And the facts are that, before our injuries, we were first in the league. “
“I signed for three years, so next year you see me again”
Louis van Gaal
“After that, especially in December when all my full-backs were injured, I had to solve that and I couldn’t solve that problem.
“Now, we are again in a good run and we don’t have as many injuries any more. So that run is also a consequence of that.
“One section of the media has had me sacked for six months – and I am still here.
“So you can’t do that. Why do I have to defend myself?
“I always have a feeling of being excited about the future because I have done it at every club. And I was hired here to do that for this club.
“I can’t speak about progress. I am a realistic man and I only speak about facts.
“Last year we were fourth and now we are fifth but we could still end the season third, so we have to wait until May 15 to see.
“But it’s also a fact we are in the FA Cup Final, so there are lots of positives.
“What we have to do is make up one position, because that is very important for the club.”
Van Gaal, meanwhile, confirmed that left-back Luke Shaw and midfi elder Bastian Schweinsteiger’s injuries will keep them out for the rest of the season.

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