Saturday 30 April 2016

Tiwa Savage Opens Up On Her Husband Accusations (A Must Read)

The mother of one disclosed her husband was an alcoholic, a cocaine addict, in trouble with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and they were separated
Tee Billz, manager of Tiwa Savage put up shocking allegations against his wife and mother-in-law on Instagram yesterday, Thursday, April 28.
Tiwa Savage has opened up on the secrets behind her relationship and marriage with her former manager and husband.
Tee Billz had accused his wife of infidelity, neglect, and his mother-in-law of using witchcraft on him. He insinuated he was going to commit suicide in a series of posts on the social media platform and made it seem as though she pushed him and frustrated his life to an extent he could take it no more.

Hours later the posts disappeared, an unconfirmed Twitter account was set up claiming his account was hacked. Shortly after this, a report emerged on Linda Ikeji blog that the artiste’s manager whose real name is Tunji Balogun had attempted to commit suicide.
In her interview with ThisDay’s Azuka Ogujiuba, the Mavin Records singer had made revelations that discredit her husband’s accusations. She confessed she funded his expensive lifestyle, paid his debts and ignored his infidelity. The mother of one disclosed her husband was an alcoholic, a cocaine addict, in trouble with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and they were separated.
She said: “For the past two months, TJ and I have not been together, it was something we were working through, but I knew this marriage would not work”
The infidelity
Tee Billz posted on his Instagram account: "I hope the fucking in Tiwa savage brand brings you peace.”
“With in what period of time did you Fuck jazzy and Dr Sid. And I dint care because the love I have for you. I looked at it that we all have a past even when at this same fucking time you were fucking with 2face”.
In the interview, Tiwa says “I have never cheated on my husband. Not with Don Jazzy, Dr Sid, 2face Idibia or anybody. I have never cheated on my husband, and Tunji knows this. He knows that in his heart”.
Meanwhile in her interview, she has now accused her husband of infidelity and being with another woman while she had a miscarriage in Jamaica.

He posted: “Your mother wants to turn me to what she turned your DAD to? I will rather Die. Ask her to confess what's she's done to me!"
Tiwa said: “My mother is not like that (witchcraft), she is a sweet lady, and she’s very British, she doesn’t judge, she is not hung up like that.
“A lot of times, my mom would say ‘Tiwa you are the wife, be patient, don’t curse don’t shout, build the home.’ She has been nothing but a great support for me. I would love for him to tell me if there is something my mother has done”
His troubles
Tee Billz posted: “I have been fighting this spiritual battle since I was a kid my mother and father can testify”.
The singer revealed her husband used drugs. “I walked in on TJ taking cocaine in my house in 1004 (Victoria Island, Lagos). I didn’t even know he takes cocaine. I walked into the kitchen, and I saw him taking cocaine, so I screamed, and asked if that is cocaine. HE started screaming that ‘What am I doing down here, where is the cocaine?”
She said he borrowed 45 million Naira from some and lost it. “I just found out that EFCC was investigating a case against him, and my brother called me from London and confirmed it that TJ is in deep trouble”.
The lack of support
Tee Billz: “You never supported me for day one every move I made and every project I layer my hands one was going all bad”.
Now in her interview Tiwa Savage says she paid his debt when he didn’t pay the balance for a Rolex and Mercedes he bought. She reveals that she paid her hospital bills herself when she had baby Jamil.
The torture
He said: “Lord knows I tried. I have been mentally tortured by my the woman I gave everything to”.
“I'm not perfect but I'm far away from being the best husband. Because when I dint have you paid bills and you took my manhood away”.
From the interview, Tiwa accepts that her husband hustled hard for her but she works hard too. She accused him of abusing her “mentally”. “Everyday all I hear from TJ is that ‘I created you, I took you from nothing, look at you now”, she said.
The lack of domestic skills
He said: “Thank you to Ani Idibia and Anita my Neighbor that provides home cooked meal for me when I needed. That! Yes you became the bread winner when I decided I'm not in business with you again take everything I just want my wife”.
She said: “His cooking allegations is a lie. I am not going to say because of my career that I am not going to cook. I work long hours to put money in the house, I work to make sure that we have a roof over our house. I come back home really late, and when I make something for myself, I make some for TJ. I had to hire a cook to cook for me, him and the other people that live in the house”.

What we once assumed was a fairytale relationship now seems appears as a cycle of excessive jealousy and controlling behaviour. No one was aware of the unhealthy relationship between the celebrity couple until Tee Billz’s outburst on social media. Now with these revelations from Tiwa Savage, Tee Billz has to some explaining to do.

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