Friday 27 May 2016

The Receptionist Part 1

November 15th 7:00pm
It was like every usual day in Vera’s Bakery. People flowing in and out, trying to get their cakes delivered, making new orders and the happy and impatient faces waiting for their cakes. I had my plastic smile on my face, maintained the sweet tone they all liked as I took down their orders. I looked over at the clock, counting minutes, as I envisioned my bed and that glorious feeling of taking off your bra and kicking off your shoes.
‘Good evening, I want to make an order for tomorrow, here’s the order ‘ He said handing me a piece of paper.
I took my eyes away from the laptop as I stared at the good looking man right in front of me.
‘My order mam’ He said sounding impatient as he shoved the paper at me
‘Sincere apologies please‘ I said stuttering a bit. ‘Fill in your name and contact number and delivery address here’ I said giving him another piece of paper.

He sighed as he reluctantly took the paper from me
‘Please it’s urgent, this has to get delivered tomorrow, a friend recommended this place to me. Hope I won’t regret this ‘ He said sounding skeptic
‘ Your order will be delivered tomorrow, you can count on us’I said giving him a real smile.
‘Will that be all? I have paid the cashier. I am running late’He said as he picked up his car keys and his phones from my desk.
‘Yes sir, have a wonderful day’ I said using my sweetest tone.
I watched him leave, as I silently wished I could see his scowling handsome face again.
‘Yvonne!! E be like say you no wan go house?’ Debby said as she left her cubicle with her bag in hand.
I frowned as I came back to reality, as I realized it was already past my closing hours.
‘That man na big man, you think say he go like date ordinary receptionist for this small office. Na your 20k salary you wan use maintain the relationship, when island girls with big ride go come intimidate you?’ Debby said laughing
I paid her no attention as I took out my mirror, I knew I was pretty and attractive but she did have a point. I snapped out of my daydream, as I dreaded the traffic I was about to encounter enroute my house.
November 16th 11:00AM

‘Have you baked Mr Ifeanyi’s cake?’ I asked casually as Jenny was putting finishing touches to our first delivery for the day.
‘Which Mr Ifeanyi?, we don’t have such order for today’ She said not looking at me.
‘Mr Ifeanyi, he ordered for a 12″ red velvet cake, did you check today’s list?” I said as I was getting impatient.
‘Yvette! Nothing like that, hope you didn’t make a mistake with the delivery date?‘ She said looking at me for the first time since we started the conversation.
“What delivery date?” Vera snapped.
Vera is my boss, she is a true workaholic and perfectionist. I dreaded getting to her bad side
‘Go and check the date and time for his delivery, stop standing there like a zombie!!’ Vera yelled at me.
I dashed to my laptop as I still heard her fuming and complaining about how she started this bakery with almost nothing and we want to ruin it. I silently prayed I didn’t mix up the dates.
“I made a mistake” I whispered to Jenny as she handed the first deliveries to one of our delivery men.
“Mistake!?” She said louder than I expected. Oh dear! I thought, so much for whispering.
“What time is the delivery?” My boss Vera asked surprisingly calm.
“10am” I said looking at my feet

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