Wednesday 25 May 2016


Would you confess to your husband that the son he thought belonged to him after five daughters is not his?
My name is Vivian and I have been married for 10 years now but there is a burden I have carried for over four years now and it is eating me deep inside, especially now that I have given my life to Christ.

I feel an impulsion to confess and divulge the secret to Tony, my husband. The fact is that our only son, after five daughters, does not belong to my husband. He is the result of a moment of madness I had when I was going through a lot of stress from his family who were bent on throwing me out of my home due to my inability to bear a male child for their son.

I got pregnant shortly after our marriage and gave birth to a baby girl, followed by four other girls and all along, Tony's parents, especially his mother, was on my neck, making life difficult for me. My mother-in-law and her two unmarried daughters insulted me at every opportunity, calling me a witch who had eaten all her male children.

Her older daughter who had been divorced over five times and had come to live with us with her seven children, on the other hand, made sure I faced her wrath on a daily basis, even transferring her hatred to my children.

It was in this state of mind that I needed a listening ear and I found one in Seb, a male colleague. Seb was always there for me and listened to my cries, consoled and comforted me every time I cry to him. I did not know how it happened but after one of such emotional breakdown, I went to Seb's house to cry on his shoulders again and before we knew it, we made love that day.

After the sex, he apologized profusely, saying he did not know what came over him but I told him he was not to blame as I actually needed the release to get back my sanity. I did not know that the stolen moment would result in a pregnancy but there it was.

I gave birth to my son, Kenechukwu, and Tony and his family were over the moon with joy. But deep down, I knew that the boy does not belong to him. Even when Kene started growing up, he clearly exhibited some characters I usually noticed in Seb. The lucky thing is that Kene takes my features and no one has even questioned why he does not look like Tony.

I have not told Seb that he is the father of my son. But now, I am being torn apart by guilt and feel like letting Tony, his family, and Seb know the secret that I have been keeping.

But won't that unsettle everyone and crash my marriage?

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