Wednesday 17 December 2014

Indian Child Kept As A Slave Because His Parents Couldn't Pay A Debt

This might sound touching and cruel at the same time regarding the situations surrounding the story. It is story of poverty and Sherlock (the heartless debit collector).
A nine-year-old boy was starved, beaten and tied up while being kept as a slave at a coal yard, after his parents failed to repay a loan.

Photographs that appeared in the local media show the unnamed child bound to a metal pillar with his arms tied above his head at the yard just outside of New Delhi.
Local police declined to comment on the pictures but said they were currently looking for a man suspected of kicking a boy he was keeping as a child slave after his parents were unable to pay a debt.

The practice of taking so-called bonded children as a guarantee against the parents paying off a debt is increasingly common, despite the fact is illegal in India.

It is little more than slave labor with the child often working unregulated hours in factories or farms.

Neighbors freed the little boy after they heard him screaming while enduring an hour-long beating with a stick, and they chased the man off and called the police.

The child said he was starving because his employer had not given him food for more than four days and had beaten him with a cane after tying him to a pole.
He said: 'I was beaten because I had asked for Rs 50 (90 cents) from the owner to buy some food.'
Police are currently looking for the coal depot owner, named as 57-year-old Net Ram.

Reference: dailymail

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