Monday 13 May 2013


My first encounter with this guy was during my days in Business School when I attended one of the numerous shows organized by the university student board. I must confess it was a show that I not only admitted the artiste was very good but superlatively entertaining in all ramifications.

Since the collapse of Mohit records; several articles, write-ups and news have been circulating regarding this artiste and his former producer. Many believe the style and cultural content of his music will definitely not meet the standard of his previous songs that were co-produced by his former producer. I was about joining the bad wagon effect but realized that several artistes have opted out of their previous recording contracts to form their own labels and they are still doing ok without noise and verbal attacks.

Talents goes beyond just a particular individual managing you, if you are gifted you are simply gifted irrespective of the producer or where it is produced.

Shortly after Mohit Records was dissolved, many have sentimentally criticized and bad mouthed D’Banji for his decisions without being in his shoes. Many were of the opinions that he will never produced any hit music again; some said he can’t sing, some were of the opinion that he is not an entertainer but a joker but the questions are:
Is D’Banji an entertainer or musician?
Has there been any difference (s) in his style of music content wise?
Has there been any difference (s) in the musical tone or lyrics?
Listen to his new album and tell the truth.


  1. The guy is still waxing strong. I love both D'Banj and Don Jazz, they making meanings for themselves.
    Live and let live, that is all I can say

  2. He is ok....keep up with the work