Tuesday 16 December 2014

A Woman Cut Off Son's Genitals (Photos)

This is story popped up on the web but I am yet to confirm the authenticity of the news as I found it so bizarre for a mother to do that on her son.
A 30 year old mother cut off her son's sex organ in Manengole, Nkongsamba, in Cameroon. The poor innocent 3 year old child named Njankep Alexandre is presently in a protestant hospital in Ndoungue under intensive care while the mother is in jail awaiting trial. She hasn't yet said why she did this to her own child.
Is this motherhood or evil with brutality?
Really it might be she is experiencing some level of insanity for her not to think twice before doing what she did on the harmless boy.

This is despicable! Unbelievable! See what the woman did to her son after the cut... *warning - it's graphic. Very graphic* 

Not every woman deserves being a mother 

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