Monday 1 December 2014

Heartbroken Dog Waited In Vain For Its Dead Owner

Masha, a heartbroken dog, has been looking for her late master every day since he died in a Siberian hospital last year.

When he was living on a ward in the Novosibirsk District Hospital, Masha was his only visitor. Now that he’s gone, his loyal dog refuses to leave.

Staff at the hospital hope somebody will give her a new home.

“She’s waiting for him, she’s not going anywhere,” said nurse Anna Vorontsova.

“Some girls tried taking her into their home, and she runs away. She doesn’t want to live anywhere. Look, just last Friday a local took her in, and she came running back here at three o’clock the next morning.”

Masha has become well-known and much loved by workers at the hospital, where she’s guaranteed food to eat and a warm place to sleep

Reference: euronews

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