Tuesday 17 June 2014

Nigerians & Others React On The Outcome of Nig. Vs Iran Match

Remi Adebayo, Nigerian, lives in the US: “I came all the way from Houston, Texas, to watch Nigeria play and I can say that I'm honestly disappointed about today's game. I think the team played without purpose, they didn't look like they were motivated or interested in winning the game...I have lost all my hope... In defeat, I think Ghana actually played very well. They looked more adventurous. They played as a team... Ghana played much better. I was proud of them in defeat."

Ifeanyi Okafor, a #Nigerian engineer who lives in Rio de Janeiro: “I expected that we were going to win Iran...I'm not exactly very happy but I can only be positive and I'm just staying optimistic that we'll win our next two games and move to the next stage...#Ghana lost but they played much better...They looked more purposeful. I think Ghana deserved to win...If Ghana were to play the game we played, I think they would have won by a larger goal margin. “

Ugonma Onukwubiri, Nigerian, lives in the US: “Since I was a kid I've always watched the Super it was surreal to see the boys play live and in Brazil...Unfortunately, we drew with Iran but the experience all together, as a package, was good...I live in the US and I'm an American citizen the end of the day I ended up cheering for Ghana because home is where the heart is and mine is in Africa.”

Rio Ferdinand
Former England defender
"The decision making in the final third when Nigeria managed to get there was poor. They made the wrong choices. The quality of the balls into the box was poor and they didn't play to their strengths.

"This is the game they should have wanted to go out and win and you would think there would be more urgency in their play."

Oyenihi Samuel
Patrotic people will always give words of encouragement and hope to their representatives in any field of human endeav our .If you have better skills go and display them! You boys, try more

Leave your reaction regarding the match between Nigeria and Iran and the way forward for the next two matches.

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