Friday 2 May 2014


Our attention has been drawn to a cheaply concocted and malicious statement from Mr. Bayo Adetu, P-Square’s publicist, over an interview he granted us on Friday, April 25, 2014 via his Globacom line -07051515111.

Ordinarily, we had thought of ignoring his unfounded cock and bull response released on Wednesday, April 30, 2014, but for the influx of questions the said reaction has raised about our integrity and credibility as a reliable news medium.

First, we would want to state it clearly that Mr. Adetu either released his statement under the influence of alcohol or perhaps its equivalence, since his statement was neither an acceptance nor total denial of ever granting the interview.

For the records, due to an erratic network, our conversation was interrupted, breaking the interview into bits. For instance, the first conversation lasted for – 00:18:27, the second – 00:01:59, the third – 00:00:39; then he returned the call which eventually lasted for 00:03:37.

Apart from the above call record, we also want to inform Mr. Adetu and the general public that we have as another proof, the audio of the said interview, which we may be forced to release online if need be.

To further give credence to our exclusive report, it may interest you to know that Mr. Bayo Adetu was quoted by ENCOMIUM MAGAZINE in their current edition of Tuesday, April 29, 2014 (Vol. 17, No. 50), to have confirmed that the P-Square break-up tale was indeed a stunt created by Nigerian bloggers.

The interview reads in part: “… When the whole thing started, I told people that it was not true, that there was no fight between the Okoye Brothers. But people insisted that there was a fight, so I left them to go ahead and write whatever they wanted.
“In that sense, they (bloggers) created the stunt themselves and it’s something we laughed at, each time we came across such stories.
“The Facebook account that people said belongs to Paul is fake, neither Paul nor Peter has a Facebook account; it’s all fake, posted by dubious people to mislead the public.”

Now, the question we have for Mr. Adetu is: was the ENCOMIUM interview also fabricated? And if not, what was different from our initial report?

However, with our heads held high up, we boldly stand by our report, and we remain in our firm resolve to serve Nigerians with the truth, and unbiased report of events as our vision statement reads…

Julius Akpovire,

ICON Weekly Magazine

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