Tuesday 6 May 2014


They look fearful, ballistic (in attack) and play brilliantly yet they are so vulnerable at the defense and just in the twinkle of 9 minutes they lost the privilege of turning their dream into reality to a team that was brought from the bottom of the league by a less acknowledge manager (Tony Pulis).

They are Liverpool, they are Brendan Rodgers' boys and they are tipped and favored by Football Analysts and majority of the fans to win the EPL most prestigious cup but on a night that matters most, they wasted the chance of becoming the King of England to Dwight Gayle’s equalizer for Crystal Palace which crystallizes to two London clubs blowing away the ambitious dream of Liverpool.

I was amused that on a night when victory was already knocking at the door of Liverpool team with goals from Joe Allen, Daniel Sturridge and the goal-minded Suarez which gave the team a 3-0 lead, the table could be turned round by Crystal Palace to ensure that the visiting team did not leave with the 3 points.

According to Rodgers:

"I am incredibly proud and, when we have had time to reflect on this in the summer, we will see it has been an outstanding season for Liverpool," said Rodgers.
"It does not take away the pain of now but we will look where we need to improve and
continue to get better. We have made great strides but I am certainly here to fight and win titles and I will be relentless in that.
"We are trying to build something sustainable. This season has shown we will be capable of doing that.
"Next year, I believe we will make more strides forward and hopefully we will be up there challenging again."

Luiz Suarez, Steven Gerrard, Daniel Sturridge and other members of the Liverpool team gave their best this season and made remarkable come back to Champions’ league and a close rivalry fight for EPL title. I hope by next season they will put up another great fight for the EPL race of becoming the England’s champion.

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