Sunday 17 November 2013


The big and busty actress got married very secretly several months ago, but it seems she is not finding the core of marital life easy. Below is what Adaora Ukoh told a reporter about her experiences…

“Well, I just noticed that it’s really not an easy world. When I look at the Omotolas that have kept theirs, I give them kudos. It’s really not easy because men come with a lot of drama and they want to hold it down for you at that point when they’ve entered. And sometime it looks like you are trying to fight it out.”

The kind of séx roles you play these days?
“Séx role is not my thing. When you look at every movie, there is usually a theme. Like the movie I’m shooting currently, there is séx scene but the producer decided to shoot it like a silhouette, where you light the wall. You will be doing all the séx scenes but it will be showing on the wall. Not that if he decides to shoot the séx path straight, he cannot, but as long as they know how to move with the cameras, I will do it because it’s an integral path of the movie. But it’s not me to go shoot a movie that has séx as the theme. Not that I don’t do romance, I do romance in movies but I might not do outright showing the séx scene that probably could look vulgar.”

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