Monday 18 November 2013


A California man was arrested Thursday and charged with drugging and raping a dog multiple times.
Christopher Alexander Caceres, 22, of San Pedro, was caught on surveillance footage drugging and performing sex acts on the helpless dog for hours.
Security footage obtained by the San Pedro Beacon shows the pervert committing his depraved acts on the 80-pound Akita while the poor pooch’s owners slept only yards away.
Mr Caceres faces a litany of charges including burglary, sexual deviance, bestiality and rape of a dog, but more charges are likely to come, according to the Beacon.
‘It’s inhumane, I don’t even know what to say about it,’ the dog’s owner told the Daily Breeze. ‘I had never even thought of something like that happening. I know his grandmother very well. She has three little dogs.’
The homeowner told the Daily Breeze that several weeks ago he began hearing the dog make a ‘huge yelp-like shriek like she never made before.'
The man had also previously found a lighter and a cell phone in his backyard, said reports.
The dog made the same noise again a few weeks later and the owner found a cell phone on the ground and noticed his gate open, he recalled.
He then installed security camera and awoke last Sunday to large clumps of hair all over his backyard and even more disturbing actions caught on camera.
‘Our dog greeted me and something seemed off,’ the man told the Beacon. ‘I didn’t know what had happened, but I saw clumps of our dog’s hair throughout the yard.’
‘I immediately went to the surveillance cameras, and I was absolutely disgusted with what I saw.’
reference: dailymail

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