Saturday 13 July 2013


After watching the interview on youtube, what could be implied from it (subjectively) is that Juliet Ibrahim was just trying to be defensive about her statement on OJB’s issue.
Must everyone come out on the internet (facebook, twitter (especially), instagram) to address certain issues?
Why can’t Juliet get in touch with the OJB’s team as per her useful advice instead of using the instagram?

The below was culled from Juliet Ibrahim statement:
To get the necessary help, those in charge of OJB fundraising need to reach out to

the right people and stop harassing celebrities for funds

The questions are:
Who are in charge of OJB fundraising?
Note: while she was typing this statement her mindset is on particular set of people and not the general public
Do they really harass celebrities?
According to Webster dictionary, harass could be defined as:
(1)   to annoy persistently
(2)   to create an unpleasant or hostile situation for especially by uninvited and unwelcome verbal or physical conduct
Juliet should be able to understand that words or statement can be inferred connotatively or denotatively and there are certain meanings that are inferred from the way statements are constructed rather than the way the writer inferred.

Watch the interview and compare to what what was stated on instagram and you can tell us your opinion about this.
Anyway, we greatly appreciate those who contributed financially and otherwise to the OJB fund raising and we pray God to grant everybody sound health.
Below is the link to the interview on youtube:


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