Monday 4 April 2016

President Buhari Is An Animal - Adeyanju Deji

Adeyanju Deji, the new media director of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has categorically called President Muhammadu Buhari an animal.
The man, known for his consistent tirades at the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) reacted to reports that the presidency was planning to kill him and make it look like it was an attack.

He also lashed out at President Buhari over his recent trip outside the country, stating that he went to America to waste the country’s time when many expected him to sign the 2016 budget.

There had been huge expectations on the president to sign the budget after it had been passed by the National Assembly, but he left it untouched before traveling to the United States of America for the Nuclear Security Summit with other world leaders.

But during an interactive session with Senator John Kerry, the US secretary of state, he explained why he had yet to append his signature to the budget, and explained that he would only sign the budget after critically going through the document.

The reason, the president said, was to ensure that it tallies with the content of the original budget sent to the lawmakers as a way of avoiding the national embarrassment that met the reports about the missing budget months ago.
While there were claims and counter claims over who ‘stole’ the budget (with Nigerians coming up with hilarious images of people in search of the document), reports further emerged that the presidency actually withdrew the budget to make some additions.
The National Assembly would later get the document from the presidency and after scheming through, and also calling ministries to defend their allocations, the document was certified okay for the country.

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