Tuesday 19 April 2016

We Let Jose Mourinho Down - Fabregas

The Portuguese boss was sacked just half a year after winning the Premier League at Stamford Bridge and Fabregas has spoken out about his mistakes
Cesc Fabregas believes that the main reason Jose Mourinho was sacked by Chelsea was because he trusted his players too much.

Mourinho was axed just half a year after winning the Premier League title at Stamford Bridge with the Blues lingering in the bottom half of the table.

The Portuguese boss, who is the favourite to take over at Manchester United at the end of the season, insisted that he was betrayed by his players.

And Fabregas has admitted that the team did not do enough to support him.

The Spanish midfielder insisted that Mourinho was made to pay for allowing his Chelsea stars to relax too much.
Speaking on Monday Night Football, he said: "A lot has been said. I love Jose and I consider him my friend and we still keep in touch right now.

"Some of the things said were unfortunate, but I have huge respect for him.

"I think Jose's biggest problem was that he trusted us too much. He gave us more holiday because we were champions. He had been trusting us and we let him down

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