Friday 27 November 2015

Instagram Is Cool with Kim K Nude But Raise Red Flag Against My Junk package – The Game says

American Rapper, the Game is calling out Instagram and not happy with them being treated as a victim of a double standard, he mentioned that if Kim Kardashian can flash her bare ass, why would his junk’s getting shut down?

Seems like IG plans to delete his attempt to break the Internet. The 2 famous shots of his manhood outlined in boxer briefs. Game tells us he had no idea the IG cops were busting him … and he’s shocked since the pics have been up for a month.

Actually taking a look at Kim K’s IG, which is full of sexy photos, including her Paper cover and the naked pregnant shot where she’s holding her boobs.

Game says no matter what Instagram does, it won’t change the fact he put a sizeable dent in the Internet — plus, he’s still very blessed. Respect. hmm..

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