Sunday 15 November 2015

I DID NOT STEAL NIGERIA'S MONEY - Diezani (A Shadow Of Herself)

Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke, former Minister of Petroleum Resources, has said she did not use her position to steal Nigeria’s money.

Alison-Maduekwe, who looked frail told the Publisher of Ovation Magazine and TheBoss Newspaper, Dele Momodu, said she performed her duties to the best of her knowledge and abilities.

Alison-Madueke was recently arrested by officials of the National Crime Agency, United Kingdom over suspected money laundering activities.

The former minister had been alleged to have used her position as minister to steal billions of naira from the country’s coffers.

In June 2008, Alison-Madueke was subject to a Senate probe after it emerged that as Transport Minister she had paid N30.9bn ($263m) to contractors between December 26 and 31, 2007. She is said to be worth over N1bn.

However, she has never been officially charged or tried for these allegations and has strongly denied any wrongdoing. She was alleged to have spent billions of dollars inappropriately on private jets and responsible for some missing $20bn
She is also widely accused of reckless spending of government funds.

Meanwhile, The photograph, first published by owner of Ovation Magazine, Dele Momodu, shows former stunning Mrs. Alison-Madueke, looking old with wrinkled skin and hair loss, supposedly from undergoing chemotherapy.

Since the photographs emerged, Nigerians have reacted, especially on Twitter where some believe it is a lesson that life is vanity.

Through @ChatWithWilson, one of those who reacted on Twitter, said: “seeing the recent pics of Diezani Alison-Madueke is humanly quite saddening. But there are lessons to learn from it all.”

Emy Mabs, who tweets at @EmmyMabs, was spiritual in his sympathy. “She needs our prayer…See Diezani Alison-Madueke’s current look,” he said just as @DamilareAgoro said: ” (I) can’t believe this’s Diezani! I still feel for her even if truly she stole Nigeria’s money.”

Another respondent, @Tbabz, said: “Diezani has cancer indeed. She wasn’t lying at all while OlisaOsega expressed disbelief saying: “God! I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Is this Diezani?”

Reacting, a respondent with the handle: @blessberrie, said she was in tears looking at the photograph while @queen_nickki said: “Diezani is actually dying. OMG!”

Tweeting through @Harieson, a respondent said: “asides the paris attacks, I got freaked out by that picture of Diezani Madueke. I’m all curled up right now, struggling to believe she’s the one.”

Adeola Fayehun prayed: “may God grant her quick recovery!”

SirJeffry expressed shock. “Nnaa mehn, this cancer na devil oo. See as it has transformed the once pretty Diezani to a grandma. God abeg oo, heal and restore her to normalcy.”

In a reaction, @InnaRooney said: “I don’t think I will celebrate Diezani’s sickness because I know not how I will end up. If you can’t wish her well don’t pray for her worse.”

In his reaction, @forakin said: “for all her misdeeds, in the face of personal struggles, this is no time to gawp over pictures of the stricken, we are all vulnerable.

But @linusNoni sees the recent photograph as propaganda. He said: “propaganda setting in. Diezani’s pictures to soon be on net; she looks weak. Wish her speedy recovery but that not should stop any investigation.”

@tosinadeda said: “unfortunately stolen funds can’t save anybody!”

Reacting to the photographs, Uncle Mide, with Twitter handle: @babydot4u, said: “seriously, Diezani Alison-Madueke??!!!! Is this how you want to play the game??? Nigerians are watching…I don’t trust politicians.”

One of the responders also said: “in all we do friends, don’t forget; life isn’t about how much we amassed, but how much lives we touched. She didn’t help anyone, even church members at a point all cut her off in their minds!”

For one of the responders who simply calls himself Elslim, Nigerians must not be fooled. He believes the photograph is the result of make-over.

For Paulpaulpaul, there should be no sympathy. “Nonsense, how many people died of ordinary malaria because she stole the country dry? It’s left for God to finalise her case oh. I’m indifferent about her look; not happy: not sad.”

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